Rahul Gandhi said before the budget session – learn how to ruin the growing economy, learn from Modi government

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Before the budget session of Modi government, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made a big attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Rahul Gandhi has tweeted about the country’s economy. He wrote, ‘Mr. Modi’s government is a lesson in how to ruin one of the world’s fastest growing economies’.

Significantly, the budget session is going to start from February 1, before which Congress is a constant attacker on the government. In this regard, many leaders, including Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, who was earlier in the Congress government, can hold a press conference on Thursday at 1 pm.

Let me tell you that Rahul Gandhi is constantly surrounding the Modi government on the issue of farmer movement, economy, China and inflation. Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the deadlock on the India-China border and alleged that he was’ weakening and destroying ‘the country. He also claimed that for the first time Chinese soldiers’ inside the Indian border Are sitting ‘

Rahul said that the Modi government is responsible for the ‘collapse’ of the economy. He said, ‘You know that Prime Minister Modi is hurting the fabric of the country. For the first time, Chinese soldiers are sitting inside the border of India. Our economy, which was once doing the best in the world, has now collapsed. Our youth cannot get jobs. All this is the result of RSS ideology ‘


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