Priyanka’s ‘The White Tiger’ makes you think on social discrimination and corruption, read review

-Dinesh Thakur

Raj Kumar has a film dialogue – ‘We are lions and the government does not even allow the lions to be killed.’ Yet lions continued to be hunted all over the world at one time. Their population dwindled to the status of a Muflis. In the world, tigers were left out. Especially white tigers are becoming rare. Wildlife experts from around the world celebrated when a female white tiger ‘Nivea’ (this Spanish word means snow) was recently born in a zoo in Nicaragua, on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. At one time, West Bengal and Rewa (Madhya Pradesh) were famous for white tigers. We can conclude that half of the 200 white tigers left in the world are in India. White tigers are also not easily born, like Allama Iqbal’s miracle ‘Didada (Kadradan) born in Chaman with a lot of difficulty’. The American American filmmaker Ramin Bahrani’s new film ‘The White Tiger Movie’ brings the reality to the screen in a very honest and open manner that even the ‘white tiger’ in India’s backward class is very difficult Are born from When they happen, they create their own different story.

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Emphasis on emotions rather than technical grandeur
‘The White Tiger’, based on the novel of the same name by Arvind Adiga, who won the Booker Prize, at times sounds like a seductive story by Saadat Hasan Manto, and sometimes it calls for Dhumri’s perfect poems. In a poem, Foggy raises the question – ‘Why does a man sitting in a small iron shop become gold / and a man standing in such a big field / soil?’ The film also raises similar piercing questions. Ramin Bahrani’s ‘The White Tiger’, which emphasizes emotion rather than technical grandeur in its films, is a story of how to turn a popular book into a well-written film. Increasing urbanization created a land of prosperity for one section, and the condition of the other class became many times worse. ‘The White Tiger’ says that there are only two classes in India – the exploiters and the exploited. Occasionally, a ‘white tiger’ born against the exploiters is born.

Search for small paths to happiness
This ‘white tiger’ in the film is Balaram Halwai (Adarsh ​​Gaurav) of a backward class who reached Delhi from the village of Bihar. While working as a driver with Rais Rajkumar Rao, who returned from America, he realizes that wealth is the greatest power in the world. This power can cover every evil. In big cities, his dreams are crushed every day. He is not one of those who rely on ‘When I am satisfied with wealth, all wealth is equal’. In order to open his way to prosperity, he kills Rajkummar Rao and amasses his wealth and runs away to Bangalore. He has learned how to punish a crime while working as a driver. On seeing this, he emerges as a big businessman.

Disturbing themes
Before the climax, ‘The White Tiger’ is quite smart. Small incidents are called deep things. While working as a minor driver in the rich family, Balaram realizes that the United States had to do as much as it could. Now is the time for tiger (India) and yellow (China). Rajkummar Rao’s raised girlfriend in the US (Priyanka Chopra) (Priyanka Chopra) is distracted by the poor treatment of animals in India with the poor, but it is common for her lover’s clan. After a car accident from Priyanka Chopra, Balaram is persuaded to take responsibility for the accident.

Thankfully, not all are ‘white tigers’
Coming to the last reels, the film fades a bit. It is not easy for a minor driver to become rich in a stroke. It is also not possible to digress that only through wrong methods can one be successful. Crores of people in India are living with hard work, courage and honesty. What is important is that all fake and borrowed happiness become ‘white tigers’. However, this film with a sharp antecedent before the climax explores the mood, rich discrimination and corruption of the rich-poor class. Good work has been taken from all the artists. Adarsh ​​Gaurav’s face in the character of a typical pastoral character persists for a long time even after the film is over. In Shayari, just as a particular lion is called ‘Haasile-Ghazal’ (Ghazal acquired), in the same way Adarsh ​​Gaurav is a ‘Haasile-film’ artist here. Yes, Swaroop Sampat was seen in this film after a long time. Surprised that now she too has started abusing Farrate.

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0 Film: The White Tiger
0 Rating: 3.5 / 5
0 duration: 2.07 hours
0 Screenplay, Direction: Ramin Bahrani
0 Story: Arvind Adiga
0 Photography: Paolo Carnera
0 Music: Danny Benassi, Saunders Jurians
0 Artist: Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Rajkumar Rao, Adarsh ​​Gaurav, Mahesh Manjrekar, Swaroop Sampat, Vedanta Sinha, Kamlesh Gill, Vijay Maurya etc.


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