Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Meera’s family has two deaths from Corona, said – Government’s failure took the lives of brothers

Never felt so helpless: Meera

Meera has written on social media – within a week my family has seen two deaths. I have lost another cousin to Corona. Both were under forty years of age. Feeling very helpless and helpless. Never felt so helpless, nor was I so angry. Both of my cousins ​​have not lost their lives due to the epidemic, both of them have been killed by the chaos.

This country is completely in the pit

This country is completely in the pit

Meera has further written – My first cousin could not get ICU bed in Bangalore for two days and now the other could not get oxygen. He left at the age of 40 and we could not do anything to save him. No government is visible here nor is there any system. The government had to provide oxygen, medicine and beds for the people, they did not. The corona had been in operation for a year, medical infrastructure had to be built in the country. The reality is that the government has completely failed to save the lives of its people. Today, the failure of the government, not the disease, is killing people. The country has absolutely gone into a pit.

Husband Abhinav, furious at this allegation of Shweta Tiwari, said – You are not ashamed to say such a thing to the son.

Don't see any hope

Don’t see any hope

Meera has said that after two deaths in the family, I do not see any hope now. Feeling a little afraid of what will happen? Will such people continue to lose their proximity. Let me tell you that Meera Chopra started her career in Tamil films in 2005. After this, in 2014, he made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Gang of Ghosts’. Meera was also seen in ‘1920 London’ and ‘Section 375’. Meera Chopra is currently working in the upcoming ‘Kamathipura’ on the OTT platform.

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