Preparing for Olympics in Kovid period is not easy, but will go with full preparation: Sharat

Tokyo Olympics to be played from 23 July 2021 (@ India_AllSports / Twitter)

The Tokyo Olympics are to begin on July 23. Games were to be held last year but due to Corona it was postponed for a year.

New Delhi. India’s top table tennis player Sharat Kamal has said that it is not easy to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics when the country is struggling with the Kovid-19 epidemic but assured that the players will leave no stone unturned to win the medal. India’s second health system has collapsed due to the second wave of Kovid-19. For the last few days, more than three lakh cases are coming in the country every day and more than 2000 people are dying. At a virtual press conference of the Sports Authority of India (SAI), Sharat said, “This is not the way to prepare for the Olympics, but we have to find a way to focus on our performance and prepare for it.” We are trying to achieve our goal by saving ourselves. Sharath, who is preparing for his fourth Olympics, said that he is in a better state mentally than last year. Last year, India was affected by the first wave of Kovid-19. He said, “Last year we were scared of everything. We were only thinking negative things. When so many people were dying, I did not feel like playing. Now we have a goal and our focus is on achieving it. “Sarat said,” It is not easy to formulate a clear plan and apart from that traveling is also an issue. Earlier I could go to China or Korea for two weeks. It was very easy. We were considering inviting some foreign players but now it is really difficult. ”


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