Preetam Review: Krishna’s character Shyam is accepted, not human’s ‘Pritam’

Preetam Review: The Malayalam ad filmmaker team got an opportunity to make a Marathi film. The film was made. Well done There were good songs too. It was a lovely story. From this it was proved that the stories do not belong to any one place, changing the environment does not make any difference to the original soul of the stories. If you watch the Marathi film ‘Pritam’ on Amazon Prime Video, you may think that it is a Malayalam film, but the story of the film has been set so beautifully in a village in Konkan that you fall in love with the story. The film is not a cinematic masterpiece but one should watch the melodious story so as to avoid watching crappy films always taking the name of grand scale. This will be our cooperation in taking forward the small but narrative cinema.

The caste system is an important cause of discrimination in every village, but ‘Pritam’ looks at the discrimination a little more. Making fun of each other about one’s physical structure starts in childhood and parents do not stop it. Like if someone is fat then it is necessary to call him fat / tondu / elephant. If someone is thin, then it is considered normal to call it a fine / single bone or a rib. Another similar distinction has been raised in ‘Pritam’. The film’s hero Pritam Kudalkar (Pranav Raverane) is dark in complexion, or slightly darker. The whole village calls him by names like Kale / Kaliye / Kalu / Damar. He even had friends of youth – the son of a sarpanch, a tailor, a grocer and a director of plays; Everyone calls him Kalu. When he is sentenced in the village panchayat, his full name is taken and he is happy that it was because of the trial that the whole village got to know his name. It was a poignant thought, said so easily in the film. This is such a pain that every child of India goes through one or the other reason.

Pritam supplies milk to the entire village. He has many buffaloes, some cows, a loving mother and an alcoholic father to whom he keeps giving his earnings so that he remains intoxicated. In Pritam’s village a beautiful girl comes Suvarna (Nakshatra) who is very fair and works in a nearby town. Pritam falls in love with her one-sidedly. Once Suvarna falls into the well, Pritam saves her. Pritam’s misunderstanding increases that Suvarna also loves him. When his misunderstandings are cleared and he discovers that his love is one sided, he befriends Suvarna. Pritam has a plan that he will take Suvarna away so that everyone feels that there is love between the two. He includes her in his scheme. Both run away at night, are caught and the panchayat sits down and decides their future. Will Pritam get the gold, that’s the story ahead.

Pranav’s face is pathetic, he looks oppressed and tortured. Seeing him, it seems that he must have heard his name “Kalu” throughout his life. Sujit Kurup wrote the script on the story of Elango Odai and Ganesh Pandit wrote the screenplay/dialogues. The story is very simple. In Malayalam films, films are often made on a simple story and the relationship between the characters is made the basis of the film. In this film, director Sijo Rocky has applied the same formula and made a good film. The scenes of Pranav and his friends drinking alcohol at night, are completely brought to life. There are one or two such characters in the drinking troupe who bring liquor, bring water-soda-tasting and then do the work of making everyone’s drinks. Pritam does all these things in this film and his friends treat him badly. Troubled by his drunken father, Pritam slaps his father by the hand in the climax, so he does not mind. While chasing Suvarna, he gets into the bus to talk and asks Suvarna to take her ticket as he did not bring money, it was well made. Suvarna gives him money to return but he does not spend it as she has rejected his friendship just before that. Taking money without talking is begging, as the emotional blackmail dialogue Pritam uses very well. Pranav has done justice to the character.

The heroine of the film is Nakshatra, who has appeared in its first Marathi TV serial. Well done. Looks easy and simple. In the climax, there is a little screaming, shouting and talks of the discourse type. She has become the daughter of a school principal, and the character is perfectly suited. The rest of the characters have Upendra Limaye as the sutradhar and the director of the plays in the village. He might have done the film because of the introduction, because he is the biggest actor in this small film. There are some other actors who are fine as per the requirement of the role. Somewhere over acting has also been seen, although she was not the main character, so she does not bother much.

The movie is lovely. is simple. is plain. If you sit with family and watch, then maybe they will get bored but with their life partner, if you want to see some comfort and good cinema in a very busy life, then ‘Pritam’ is perfect. There are a few drawbacks to this film – the tightness of the story is not fully maintained. A lot of time has been spent to set up the character in the first half. Thrill could have been brought in the second half but it was missed somewhere. Editor Jayant Jathar should re-edit this film shot by cinematographer Om Narayan. If edited properly, this film can be more entertaining. However, take a look. This is the story of the town of Konkan. You will like it. Language is not such a big hurdle as all titles are.

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