Power Play Review: Power Play, an interesting thriller, Raj Tarun’s best style in the film

Mumbai It is completely impossible for a common man to watch CCTV footage of banks and ATMs, get information about his drivers and their trips from a taxi company (like Ola or Uber), find or trace someone’s phone number. . If your life is not known, no one is ready to give you the right information in an office. In such an environment, if your notes withdrawn from the ATM are fake and what will happen if the police catch you? The Telugu film Power Play is one such thriller which shows how the life of a poor common man can be destroyed by committing the crime of someone else. The power play starts like a romantic film where. Vijay (Raj Tarun) has to marry his girlfriend Kirti (Hemal Ingle). Householders agree. Before marriage, he plans to go to the disco once and Vijay brings money out of an ATM that fake notes come out. This is where the twist in the story begins. CCTV records of Chief Minister’s MLA daughter and her husband doing drugs business, linking with bank manager and filling fake notes in place of real at ATM, illegal connection of Chief Minister’s daughter to a sports teacher and then murder of teacher Happening, blackmailing them by the shopkeepers, and getting that recording in the hands of Vijay. After all such things, the curtain is removed from the secret and Vijay is removed from the business of fake currency and he gets married. The film is long. There are many plots but all are connected in some way or the other. The specialty of director Vijay Kumar Konda will be considered that he has done justice to every sub plot and has ensured his place in his composition and story in such a way that instead of shock when the layer is opened, the audience enjoys it. In the beginning of the film, there is an accident in which the drug trader son of a big police officer who dies is extorted by filling fake notes in the ATM to pay the money. In the film, Vijay has to work very hard to find a link. Together with a part time detective, they remember the journey of going to the ATM and getting caught by the police from there and the plot is solved. In examining what kind of problems a common man can face, it has been shown well.

Poorna has performed very well in the role of Raj Tarun and the Chief Minister’s daughter in acting. The rest of the actors have also done a good job. There is a long list of actors but everyone has justified their characters. The story and dialogue of the film are written by Nandayala Ravi and the screenplay is written by director Vijay Kumar himself. Vijay has made only romantic films before this and Power Play is the first thriller for him, so the screenplay and sub-plots got a bit more and the story is a bit slow. Due to all the plots the thrill comes but does not reach its peak. The film is a commercial cinema, according to him, there is a severe lack of dramatic moments in the film. The director has lost his heart, this is seen. The culprit for this is the film’s editor Pravin Pudi. Praveen has edited more than 50 films, but his style is to keep the entire scene, due to which the speed of the film slows down. The 15-minute film could have been reduced easily. Cinematographer Aay Andrew’s work is fine. Some of the night scenes are well filmed. The music of the film (Suresh Bobili) is good. Romantic songs are also well made but reduce the speed of the film. Action is good. Writer, director and editor, all three make a big mistake in making a film. Writers and directors are plotting all the scenes to justify every scene. Instead of a fast-paced, cleverly crafted film, one gets to see a long film that starts to bore. This thing emerges very much in the power play. A great crime thriller, he gets busy proving the usefulness of every character. Must watch the film because despite the low speed, the film has become good. At least it is better than Hindi films.

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