Power Crisis: Coal crisis even after record production, why half of India is facing power failure


Fear of power crisis during festivals due to shortage of coal

New Delhi. During the festive season, it may be that half of India including the capital may have to spend the night on the basis of lamps or candles. In fact, the coal crisis is deepening around the world, and its effect is now expected to be visible in India. The situation is that in many power plants that supply electricity, according to the rules, instead of at least 20-20 days of coal stock, only one to two days’ stock is left. However, from the central government to the management of coal producing companies, it is hoped that efforts are being made to increase coal supply and the situation may improve from this week. The special thing is that this year there has been a record coal production in the country, but in terms of return, the late monsoon has ruined the government’s dream of moving forward towards becoming self-sufficient in electricity generation, at least this year.

what is the current status

The Delhi government has written a letter to the central government asking it to take steps to deal with the growing power crisis. According to the Delhi government, coal stock is left in power generation plants for only one to two days, after which there may be a power crisis in Delhi. Punjab State Electricity Corporation Limited has informed that its power plants are operating below capacity. According to the information given on Saturday, only five days of coal reserves are left with power plants in the state. There are also reports of power cuts at many places in the state. With this, in the last one day, there has been a shortage of 3.7 crore units in Rajasthan, 2.2 crore units in Uttar Pradesh, 1.2 crore units in Bihar, 92 lakh units in Haryana and 88 lakh units in Punjab. According to the information received till Saturday in Uttar Pradesh, 8 production units have been closed due to shortage of coal. Production in Madhya Pradesh has come down to half of the demand. At the same time, less than 70 percent coal is being available in Rajasthan, due to which 7 units are not being produced. If we look at the whole of India, there has been a severe impact on power generation in many states including Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and Tamil Nadu. Power supply has also been affected in Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, Bihar and Andhra Pradesh. Also, power producers and distributors have already warned of power cuts due to limited coal reserves.

What is the status of production and supply of coal in the country
India, the world’s second largest coal producing country, has recorded a record production of coal so far this year. The Ministry of Coal has given an estimate, looking at the indications of coal production in the country, it is expected that more than 700 million tonnes of coal will be produced in this financial year. However, the government also believes that this is not enough to meet the needs of the country. Earlier this year, the government had clearly said that the current production of coal in the country is not enough to meet the domestic demand. For this reason, the government is trying to increase production by improving techniques from coal mining policies. Last year, India imported 247 million tonnes of coal, and spent Rs 1.58 lakh crore in foreign exchange on this. However, due to more than two times increase in prices this year, the impact on imports is being seen. At the same time, the ministry has informed that the electricity demand per day in the country has crossed 4 billion units and out of this, up to 70 percent of electricity is being met from coal based plants.

Why the situation of power crisis in the country became

  • According to the Ministry of Power, there is a possibility of power crisis in the country due to more than one reason coming together, by issuing a release, the ministry has listed 4 such situations which have created a crisis.
  • According to the ministry, after a sharp boom in the economy in the first Sharp increase in demand for electricity pressure from.
  • On the other hand, there has been a delay in the return of monsoon this year, due to which rain in coal mine areas There was a bad effect on coal production and delivery of coal to the plants.
  • Third reason for coal in foreign markets Prices record high However, cost overruns have impacted the performance of plants running on imported coal. Tata Power has stopped production from its imported coal-fired power plant in Mundra, Gujarat. Adani Power’s Mundra unit is also facing a similar problem.
  • And the fourth reason is before the return of monsoon. Inadequate stock of coal Is.

what is the government saying
Amidst the coal crisis, Union Coal Minister Pralhad Joshi said that the power generation has come down due to the increase in international coal prices, but this situation will be fixed in three-four days. Joshi said, “If we compare with the last several years, the production and supply of coal has been at the highest level during the month of September and especially during the month of October, the situation is expected to improve in the coming time. . According to him, power plants using imported coal stopped producing electricity. Therefore, the entire burden of power generation is now on domestic coal. Whose supply is currently affected. The government has assured that the efforts to normalize the supply of coal are going on in full swing, and soon the power plants will start producing as per the requirement.

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