Post-pandemic stress reduced sex drive in most single men – study

single men have less desire: The Covid pandemic has affected every aspect of life. There are many such things which have been disturbed. Due to Kovid, the physical and mental condition of the people has been badly affected. Now a new study has revealed that due to the epidemic, the sexual desire of single men has also started to fade. The desire to have sex in them has reduced a lot. New York Post According to the news of this study has been published in the dating site Match. 81 percent of single men who took part in this study said that sex is less important to them now than before. Match’s chief scientist Justin Garcia said that the loss of libido in men indicates that the biological, social and psychological conditions of people have been badly affected due to Kovid. He said that you cannot aspire on this earth that the desire for sex you have in you should be the same in others because Kovid has changed everything.

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Testosterone levels are very low due to stress
Gracia has said that the level of dopamine in all of us becomes very low due to which we have gone into stress, depression and anxiety. On the other hand, due to all these reasons, the level of testosterone has also come down very low. In such a situation, sex is no longer as important as it was before. Gracia said that the more you get the opportunity to make a relationship, the more your desire will become. In the same way, the less relationship you make, the less will be the desire to have sex. In fact, single men were having very little sex during the pandemic and were under extreme stress. That’s why now the importance of sex in their life has become very less.

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Emotional relationship more important
Gracia said that this does not mean that the feelings of sex in single men have ended completely, but they have compromised with the situation and now their priority has become more in other things. He said that after Kovid, the biggest change has come that now single men have started giving more importance to the relationship than sex. It has also been seen in the study that only 11 percent of single men desire casual sex while most of the single men give more preference to emotional relationship. That’s why most people no longer want to rely on just one date, but after several dates, try to see who can emotionally connect for them. The study found that most men changed their preference for sex during the pandemic and engaged themselves in other activities.

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