Post-covid syndrome relates to fatigue and mood disorder: study

Even though most people in the world have not had to face much trouble in recovering from the corona virus, the reality is that after recovering from it, people are facing many problems including fatigue-mood disorder.

Washington As the symptoms seen in the corona virus infectives are changing, so also the problems seen after recovering from the infection are changing. Patients suffering from Post-Corona Syndrome or PCS or Kovid-19 Long-Hall Syndrome and Post-Acute Sequel of Sars Cove-2 have been reported to have mood disorders, fatigue, and many other problems that are negative in their daily activities or functioning. Can make an impact. The findings of the study conducted in this regard have been published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings.

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The findings are based on studies conducted on the first 100 patients participating in the Mayo Clinic’s COVID-19 Activity Rehabilitation Program (Activity Rehabilitation Program). It is one of the first multi-disciplinary programs established for the evaluation and treatment of patients with COVID-19 syndrome.

Patients were evaluated and treated between June 1 and December 31, 2020. Their average age was 45 years and 68 percent of them were women. They were evaluated on average 93 days after infection. Fatigue was the most common symptom of patients seeking evaluation for COVID-19 syndrome.

Eighty percent of the patients involved in the study complained of abnormal fatigue, while 59 percent complained of respiratory complaints and an equal percentage reported neurologic complaints. More than one-third of the patients complained of difficulty in doing everyday tasks and only 1 in 3 patients returned without any difficulty in their functioning.

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Greg Venichakorn, medical director and MD of the Mayo Clinic’s Kovid-19 Activity Rehabilitation Program, said, “Most of the patients involved in the study had no disease prior to the Kovid-19 infection and many did not experience corona-related symptoms, which Were serious enough to be hospitalized. “

Dr. Venichakorn, the first author of this study, said, “Laboratory reports of most patients were mild, despite having mild symptoms. This is one of the challenges of identifying PCS in a timely manner and then effectively treating it.”

Nevertheless, symptoms often had significant negative effects as patients tried to return to everyday functioning, including office work. Dr. Venichakorn said, “Most patients require physical therapy, occupational therapy, or brain rehabilitation to correct the perceived cognitive impairment.”

He further explained, “While many patients had fatigue, more than half reported trouble thinking, commonly known as ‘brain fog’. And more than one-third of patients were able to perform basic life activities.” There were problems. There were many patients who could not resume their normal office or professional work for at least several months. “

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He continued, “As the epidemic continues and we expect more patients to experience such symptoms after infection, and healthcare providers need to be prepared for this. They need to know what to look for.” And how to provide the best treatment according to the needs of the patients. “

He said that patients recovering from the infection should not suffer symptoms for a long time and should undergo an examination, but at the same time asked the healthcare providers not to write unnecessarily expensive tests for such patients.


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