Politics on Vaccination: Congress Bid – Speed ​​slowed down after PR event, know what BJP’s answer

New Delhi. Politics has also started on this after a record 88 lakh people got the corona vaccine in the country on Monday. Where, the opposition Congress is calling it a ‘PR event’ and is saying that after that the number of vaccinations has come down. At the same time, BJP is citing the low number of vaccinations in the opposition-ruled states as the reason behind it.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Wednesday that the country is not safe unless there is continuous vaccination on a large scale. Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said that there was a 40% reduction in vaccination on Tuesday. She said that it is necessary to vaccinate about 80-90 lakh people every day to vaccinate everyone by December. The Congress also raised questions on the small number of vaccinations in UP and Madhya Pradesh on June 20.

JP Nadda replied
BJP Chief JP Nadda responded to the allegations of Congress. He said that more than 50 lakh people were vaccinated in the country on both Tuesday and Wednesday, but this did not make the Congress party happy. A senior government official told News18 that by June 30, more than 60 lakh people are expected to be vaccinated every day and by the end of July this number is expected to increase to one crore daily.

’30 crore people will be vaccinated in the country by tomorrow’
A senior official said, “30 crore people will be vaccinated in the country by tomorrow and by the end of July this figure will cross 50 crore.” More than 65 lakh people are expected to get the corona vaccine on Wednesday. On Tuesday, 55 lakh people got the vaccine. Government officials said that the number of vaccinations is less in opposition-ruled states like Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Jharkhand and Punjab, where about one lakh people are getting vaccinated daily. A senior official told News18 that these states will have to vaccinate more.

However, in Congress-ruled Rajasthan, 3.5 lakh people are being given the vaccine daily. An official claimed that there is sufficient availability of corona vaccine and this is enough to increase the number of vaccinations in every state. A BJP leader said that on June 20, being a Sunday, the number of vaccinations was low and on this day the numbers are less every day as many centers are closed.

What did the BJP leader say
A BJP leader said, ‘Is the Congress targeting the records of its own ruled states of Punjab, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh by questioning the vaccination.’ Let us tell you that due to the sudden decrease of 16 lakh vaccinations on Monday in Madhya Pradesh, it is on the target of opposition leaders. However, on Wednesday, more than 11 lakh people in the state have been given the dose of corona vaccine.

In Uttar Pradesh, 7.68 lakh people have been vaccinated on Monday, 8.21 lakh on Tuesday and more than 7 lakh people have been vaccinated on Wednesday.

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