PM Modi speaks to the industry – prepare the product for the world with the country, the government is reducing the burden of ‘terms and conditions’

Industry should prepare products for the country as well as the world: PM

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) on Friday, referring to the Production Related Incentive (PLI) scheme to promote the vehicles, telecom equipment and pharmaceutical industry at the domestic level, asked the industries to meet the needs of the country as well as the world Prepare the stuff for this too.

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Addressing a webinar organized on the provisions made for the PLI scheme in the next year’s budget, PM Modi said that for this, a provision of about two lakh crore rupees has been made. This scheme is being started for 13 sectors including telecom sector, automobile and medicine sector as well as textile and food processing.

He said that the government is taking several steps to promote the manufacturing of products at the domestic level. The compliance burden of industries is being reduced. Efforts are being made to reduce around 6,000 such compliance.

Prime Minister Modi said that the introduction of PLI scheme in the food processing industry and textile sector will benefit the entire agriculture sector. He asked industries to speed up production and increase employment opportunities. He said that everyone will have to work together to reduce the cost of production, quality at the global level and to advance in competition.

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