Plenty of vitamin-D in the body can beat the corona virus, can also keep the lungs safe

New Delhi : Covid 19 has become uncontrollable in India. This infection is severely affecting the lungs (Lungs). People are adopting a variety of remedies to prevent this, but more attention is not being given towards the lack of vitamin D or its availability in the body. There is a general perception that vitamin D is only a bone-related issue, but it has many roles in keeping our body safe, especially towards our own availability of vitamin D (Vitamin D) in our body during this time of the Kovid epidemic. It has become very important to pay attention. Senior Consultant and Orthopedic and Joint Replacement Surgeon Dr. Vivek Chimpa In a conversation with News18 Hindi (Digital), he answered many questions related to the importance of Vitamin D for protection from Kovid … let us know …

How big a role does vitamin D play in defeating the corona virus?
Kovid is a type of flu. Patients who are infected with it and are serious have lung problems. Actually, vitamin D has a mechanism. Lungs have receptors. Vitamin D oxidizes those receptors. So the virus that goes into the body does not get receptors to stick to the lungs. This causes him to return without being effective, and he ends up being like a common flu. This does not cause major complications to the patient. Therefore, vitamin D has a big role in this era of corona epidemic. It also increases immunity.

What is the main reason for vitamin D deficiency, how important is it for our body?It has been proved by many studies that the deficiency of vitamin D is present in the Ecosystem. For example West Bengal. There people also eat fish and other things related to non-veg. But this does not mean that those who eat such things, their vitamin D is increased. Recent studies show that vitamin D has been found to be low in people in any region of India. Vitamin D is available from sunlight, but now the kind of environment is being created, especially in urban areas where pollution is high, where there is no sunshine, people do not even go out of homes, people leave office in the morning And come home at night, they cannot get vitamin D properly. The second nutritional distinction is also involved in this. In urban areas, people are not able to get milk, egg, some things related to non-vegetarian food, green vegetables. Also, he does not exercise. Apart from this, deficiency of Vitamin D is being seen in them.

Since India has now become an endemic region in Kovid 19, due to this, people will also have to take vitamin D from outside. As soon as medicines. Also, vitamin D should be checked periodically. Most people think that vitamin D is only related to bones, but it has many roles. It is a kind of hormone, which fixes a lot of metabolism in our body, drives it. Bones It has only one tissue, which it strengthens. Indirectly due to this, many problems like depression, obesity, diabetes also arise.

Can common cold and flu be avoided by adequate availability of vitamin D in the body?
Of course, it boosts our immunity system. It keeps all the infections in control. If there is sufficiently vitamin D in our body, then there are many diseases from which we can avoid.

Does Vitamin D also strengthen our muscles?
Those people who are deficient in vitamin D, they also start having muscular pain i.e. muscle pain or they get tired only after working for a while. Actually, bones and muscles are said to form musculoskeletal systems. Due to lack of vitamin D, the load comes to the muscles, which she cannot handle and the muscles also start to ache. Therefore, the amount of vitamin D in our body will not allow these problems to come into the body. It will also keep the muscles strong.

Does Vitamin D also protect the lungs and prevent chest infections?
The main problem in the corona is the lungs. Pneumonia becomes or lungs become spoiled. Difficulty in breathing and life is also threatened. Therefore, to avoid all these things, if vitamin D is good in the body, then it is able to absorb such receptors in the lung, in which when the virus comes back, instead of ingesting it into the lungs. In this way it has a big role in securing the lugs.

How much, how and when to take vitamin D to avoid Covid 19?
Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. It currently has a recommended daily dose of 2000 international units. We can get it from our diet and exercise. Apart from this, we will also have to take it separately if needed. It also depends on how much vitamin D deficiency is in the person. It has several categories, such as Insufficient, Sufficient, Deficient. Vitamin D is given on the basis of this. Vitamin D also comes in the form of solution, capsule form and sucker tablet. It is most effective when taken with fatty things like milk.

Many people are unable to take it daily, so a tablet or capsule of 60000 international units of vitamin D can be taken once a week. In the corona era, it is also in the protocol that if someone has got kovid or not, then keep taking 60000 international units of vitamin D once a week.

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