Pet Tummy Troubles: You are not the only one responsible for your pet’s messy digestion

Pet Tummy Troubles: After bringing a pet into the house, we do not consider it separate from ourselves and give it a lot of love and knowingly or unknowingly we play with their health by treating their digestive system as our own.

New Delhi. Pet Tummy Troubles: Some people love to pet animals. Whenever we bring a pet into our home, it gradually becomes like a member of our household. It becomes our responsibility to take care of them. But many times we make the mistake of thinking that he is an animal, so we can feed him anything. It is often seen that whatever is made for the people of the house, they feed their pet from it. In this illusion, we feed some such foods to our pet which can be harmful to his health and he may also fall ill. Let us know what are the items of food that do not feed your waste even after forgetting-

1. Keep distance from garlic-onion

The thiosulfate found in garlic-onion is not good for the digestive system of pets, due to which they can fall ill.

2. Chocolate or sweets

We should keep pets especially dogs away from sweets like chocolate because the theobromine found in it is very harmful for them or can get into their stomach as a toxic substance and make them seriously ill.

3. Avocado

While on the one hand avocado plays an important role in keeping the heart, muscles, joints of humans healthy, on the other hand avocado can lead to intestinal problems in animals.

4. Salt

Remember to always keep the amount of salt in your pet’s food low. Otherwise, due to excess salt, the functioning of their stomach will be affected, due to which they may complain of vomiting and diarrhea.

5. Meat

Often we pamper our pet with home made oily-spicy meat, which they also eat with great passion. But it can give rise to the problem of indigestion in them and at the same time can spoil their health by increasing cholesterol.


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