People were surprised to see the new picture of them lean, ate less food in starvation crisis

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The Korean Central Agency, a news agency in North Korea, released a thin photo of the ruler Kim Jong Un. Which is being told at the time of the Central Committee meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party. In this photo, they look quite changed. His face looks thinner than before. People are surprised to see that. Let us tell you that Kim took this step due to the message when in October he said that the people of the country should eat less food until the country reopens its border with China by 2025. According to the UN, there is a food shortage of 86,000 tonnes in North Korea this year.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un banned people from laughing, shopping and drinking alcohol for 11 days a few days ago on the 10th anniversary of his father Kim Jong Il.

After these days passed, Kim Jong Un appeared in a party program, this meeting took place in Pyongyang, North Korea. Everyone was surprised to see them. Because he has changed a lot. Let us tell you that in this program, he looked thinner than before. He has reduced his weight by 40 pounds.

Let us tell you how did Kim Jong Un lose this weight? So let us tell you, due to lack of food in North Korea, food was eaten less. Kim sent a message of advice to the countrymen to eat less food till the country returns to normalcy. Earlier there was speculation that the ruler was not visible. He proved all these claims wrong by attending the program.


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