People were stunned to see such a desire for fast food that the woman went to buy a burger sitting on a horse!

Be it kids or old people, who doesn’t like to eat fast food. People eat all the wonderful dishes like pizza, burger, noodles, fries etc. with great fervor. This is the reason why their shops are always crowded. Some like to sit here and eat, some come by car and take their parcel out of the drive-thru window. But have you ever seen a fast food lover who has reached to buy his favorite meal by sitting on a horse (Woman Ride Horse to Purchase Burger from McDonald’s)?

Recently something similar happened in Wales. Simon White, a 46-year-old father of three, was enjoying sitting outside in his shop buying McDonald’s Burgers in Caerphilly, Wales when he saw something very startling. He saw that a woman had come on a horse to buy a McDonald’s burger.

The photo of the woman is going viral on social media. (Photo: Facebook)

woman on horse to buy burger
The funny thing was that the woman placed her order from the drive thru lane where people in the car place orders for burgers. The woman parked the horse in the corner of the window like a car and kept waiting there after giving her order. Then took the burger and left from there. Simon also shared the photo of the woman riding a horse on Facebook, seeing which people were quite surprised. People say that usually such scenes are rarely seen, so this scene is very unique and special in itself.

The person shared the photo on social media
Simon told the Daily Star that he was taking his son home from school when the two stopped at McDonald’s for some food. Then both of them looked at the woman on the horse. The man said that the woman’s horse was also behaving in a very different way. As soon as people saw the woman riding a horse on the city road, they started clicking her photo. People are giving their feedback on the person’s post on social media. Many people are surprised to see unique photos.

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