People have the illusion of difficulty in breathing when they take stress – research

Health News, Difficulty in Breathing Due to Stress: A new study has found that people who worry too much or take stress have the illusion of difficulty in breathing. This increases their stress even more. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran newspaper, this research has been done by the researchers of University of Otago, New Zealand. Here Rutherford Discovery Research Fellow Dr. Olivia Harrison Said that more or less everyone is affected by stress around the world. It has the biggest impact on mental health.

This situation has increased even more because people are currently going through a global pandemic. This research paper has been published in the journal Neuron. published Has been done.

What are the symptoms?
Explaining the symptoms of stress in this research, it has been said that when this happens, the heart rate in the body increases. The palms get wet with sweat. Breathing starts fast and bad thoughts start coming continuously. This increases the tension even more. Dr. Harrison told that this research has been done on about 30 healthy people with low stress at the University of Zurich. Apart from this, a comparative study was also done on 30 other people with high stress.

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The participants were asked to fill out a questionnaire and were asked to breathe in two ways. His brain imaging was done during a breathing task. Simultaneously, oxygen and flow in the blood were monitored.

What happened in the study?
The study found that people with high stress feel that their breathing is not going well, while people with less stress do not feel anything like this. The brain activity of people who are more stressed also increases.

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Although the study did not provide an answer on how to effectively treat anxiety, it did reveal how stress affects the body.

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