People are yearning for potatoes here since 1 month, the price of 10 chips also caught fire

Potato is such a vegetable that is used in almost every way in India. It can be mixed with any vegetable. Also, boil it or fry or bake it. Potatoes are consumed in any way. Meanwhile, there is a huge shortage of potatoes in Europe, the major continent of the world. Due to the lack of supply according to the demand of potatoes in the UK, the prices of potatoes and their products have caught fire there.

Due to the shortage of potatoes in the UK, there has been an outcry among the people. People are stocking up by buying more and more potatoes and chips. Even the price of frozen is on fire. According to Rachel Dobson, head of the catering firm of the UK’s Reputed Company, due to the floods in many parts of Europe, potato production has been affected here. Along with this, the supply of frozen chips, products made from potatoes has also been affected. Chips are disappearing from most of the fish and chips served in bars and pubs in the UK.

people are having trouble
People in the UK depend heavily on potatoes. This shortage, which started from July, may continue till Christmas. Here potatoes are being brought from outside now. The production of potatoes grown here has become negligible. Potatoes grown in the UK were cheap. Since potatoes are now being brought from outside, due to this their prices are on fire. People are compulsively buying and stocking potatoes even at expensive prices.

shortage of food items
Shortage is being seen in the UK not only of potatoes, but also of many other food items. According to reports, there has also been a shortage of edible oil here. Along with this, the supply of rice and coffee has also reduced. In supermarkets, many counters in the food section are lying vacant. But people are getting affected the most due to the shortage of potatoes. Let us tell you that many countries of the UK, including Germany, Holland, were affected by floods last month. Due to this, there has been a lot of damage to the crops there. Now due to that many things are getting shorted here.

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