Pakistan’s opposition criticizes government’s move to start talks with TTP | Pakistan’s opposition criticizes government’s move to initiate talks with TTP – Bhaskar

Digital Desk, Islamabad. According to a Geo News report, Pakistan’s opposition party has criticized the government’s decision to hold talks with some groups of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) without consultation and asked Prime Minister Imran Khan in Parliament on the issue. called upon to take it into confidence.

A few days ago, Khan revealed in an interview with TRT World that his government is holding peace talks with some groups of TTP.

PML-N Senator Irfan Siddiqui said talks with TTP are a very sensitive issue and keeping the opposition in the dark on it is not appropriate.

The Geo News report said that he referred to former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s move to involve all stakeholders in the process of peace talks with terrorists.

He said that the talks were approved by Parliament during Nawaz Sharif’s tenure.

He urged the government to immediately convene a session of Parliament to discuss the issue further.

The report said that PPP leader Shazia Mari slammed the government for questioning the conditions on the basis of which it wants to pardon the banned outfit.

In his interview to TRT World, Khan admitted that the Afghan Taliban were involved in talking to each other on both sides.

“I think some Pakistani Taliban groups really want to talk to our government,” he said. You know, some for peace, some for reconciliation.

Asked whether Pakistan is actually in talks with the TTP, the Prime Minister clarified that talks are on with some of them.



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