Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi interviewed on Tolo News, trolled fiercely for commenting on India

Digital Desk, Delhi. Pakistan’s Foreign Minister “Shah Mehmood Qureshi” is in a lot of discussion due to one of his interviews recently, and is also facing a lot of criticism due to his statements.
Recently Shah Mehmood has given an interview to “Lotfullah Najafizada”, the head of Afghanistan’s news channel Tolo News, which is in great discussion. Tolo News, from its Twitter handle, has posted several videos of the interview, due to which the Pakistan Foreign Minister is being heavily trolled.

Shah Mahmood caught in the questions of Lotfullah…!!!
The Pakistani foreign minister, in his interviews, seemed confused and bogged down on several questions, with Mahmood questioning India’s presence in Afghanistan.
“India’s presence in Afghanistan is excessive”
Questions and answers asked by Tolo News to Shah Mehmood by Tolo News:
QuestionHow many embassies does India have in Afghanistan?
answer : Well officially there are a total of 4 embassies, you will know how many are unofficial.
Talking further on this question, Qureshi said, “India’s presence in Afghanistan is excessive”, if seen, the border of Afghanistan and India does not meet each other, and obviously India has strong national relations with Afghanistan. And there is a bilateral relationship between the two countries, and it is your right, there is also trade between the two countries, which is not a problem for us.
Question: India’s presence in Afghanistan bothers you?
answer: If the land of Afghanistan is used against Pakistan, then it is a matter of trouble.

Qureshi got upset over the question on Taliban leader’s presence in Pakistan

In a question by Tolo News chief Lotfullah, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood was seen deteriorating on the mention of Taliban leader Haibatullah and said that Taliban wants peace in Afghanistan.

Question: Are Taliban leaders Haibatullah and Sirajuddin Haqqani not in Pakistan?
answer: You are making allegations, by the way, you ask your government itself.

Questioning this further, Lotfullah said that the Taliban leader, Sheikh Abdul Hakim, had come to Afghanistan last month to talk to its leaders, and he had officially said that he was from Pakistan;
Responding to which Shah Mahmood said, I did not discuss it with him, and I do not have any information about it, although the Taliban also wants peace in Afghanistan. On this, Lotfullah interrupted Shah Mahmood and said that how do you know that the Taliban wants peace in the country, in response to which Qureshi said that we have been talking to them.

Minister Shah Mehmood defends Taliban

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister appeared to be defending the violence in Afghanistan, Shah Mahmood said, if you are again trying to create the impression that the Taliban is causing violence in the country, then it is to exaggerate, I I am saying this because apart from Taliban there are many other organizations which are playing the role of worsening the situation, forces like ISIS are present inside your country. And we are not giving shelter to Talibani leaders and if seen, many of their leaders are present in Afghanistan.

Question asked on Durand Line..!

In the interview, Lotfullah also asked questions on Durand Line. The Durand Line is the name of the border that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan into separate borders. Which was questioned by Shah Mahmud about making the international border.
Question: Should the Durand Line be considered an international border?
answer: If you want to give together and have the spirit to develop together and move forward, then definitely the Durand line should be accepted as an international border.
Question: Will you talk to the government of Afghanistan about this?
answer : However, there is no need for any discussion on this, and I believe that the Durand Line is an international border.

The situation in Afghanistan changed after the 9/11 attacks
Taliban have been dominant in Afghanistan for a long time and there has been a lot of interference by the Taliban in the country in the past, but after the 9/11 attacks, the situation there improved and the elected government came in the country, due to which Pakistan’s hold on the country was weakening. On this, Pakistan has been questioning the increasing presence of India in the country.
And the government of Afghanistan has been accusing Pakistan of harboring terrorists.

Shah Mehmood angry at Afghanistan’s NSA remarks

He expressed displeasure over a remark made by Afghanistan’s National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib on Pakistan last month. Drahsal Mohib last month accused Pakistan of spreading instability in Afghanistan.

US troops withdraw from Afghanistan on September 11

US President Joe Biden announced the withdrawal of the remaining troops in Afghanistan to America in the month of April, in fact, on September 11, the anniversary of the Al Qaeda attack in America, America believes that Al Qaeda attacked 9/11. Afghanistan, due to which America prepared a plan and temporarily expelled Al Qaeda from there and removed the Taliban from power.
In the coming September, America has said to withdraw its remaining 2500-3000 soldiers, while Britain is also calling back 750 of its soldiers.


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