Pakistan: Terrorist accused of killing American journalist Daniel Pearl to be released, Pakistan Supreme Court orders

Digital Desk, Islamabad. Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the release of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, the prime accused in the 2002 kidnapping and murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl. The Pakistani Supreme Court rejected an appeal filed by the Sindh Provincial Government against the decision by the Sindh High Court (SHC) to release the accused persons. Let me tell you that in 1999, the terrorist Umar Sheikh had to be released in exchange for leaving the aircraft of Air India in Kandahar.

The top court rejected the Sindh government’s appeal against the Sindh High Court (SHC) verdict, which reversed Shaikh’s sentence, according to a Dawn News report. In its judgment, a three-judge bench headed by Justice Musheer Alam directed the release of the suspect. Only one member of the bench opposed the verdict.

Three other accused have already been released
The verdict came after the Sindh government challenged the SHC’s decision that reduced the death sentence of chief accused Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh to 7 years on April 2, while three others serving life imprisonment. He was released. However, the Sindh Provincial Government ordered immediate custody of the four people under the MPO Ordinance 1960. The SHC on 24 December 2020 disqualified it and ordered the immediate release of the accused.

America expressed concern
The US had expressed deep concern over the SHC order. According to Dawn’s news, Sheikh had said in the Supreme Court a day earlier that he had played a minor role in this brutal murder 19 years ago. This decision has come a day after this on Thursday.

Pearl was murdered in 2002
Let us tell you that 38-year-old South Asia bureau chief Daniel Pearl of The Wall Street Journal was doing research on religious extremism in Karachi at that time. Meanwhile, he was abducted by terrorists in January 2002. Pearl was then beheaded and murdered. A video of the incident was sent to the US Consulate. After the video went viral, there was a stir in the whole world. Umar Sheikh was identified in this video.

Sheikh was arrested in 2002 and sentenced to death by the trial court. The SHC overturned the decision in its April 2, 2020 order. The Provincial High Court also acquitted three others like Fahad Naseem, Sheikh Adil and Salman Saqib, who were earlier sentenced to life imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court in Karachi.


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