Pakistan becomes official ‘beggar’ of Taliban, Foreign Minister spread bowl in front of global community

Pakistan becomes beggar of Taliban!

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Wednesday lauded the Afghan Taliban for including representatives of different ethnicities in Afghanistan and urged the world not to give up and help the Taliban at this critical juncture. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has repeatedly said that he is not a spokesman for the Taliban, but his every argument is about the Taliban, in which he is taking the side of the Taliban. Whereas, the international community has clearly warned that the Taliban will have to include every section in the government, only then the world can even think of extending a helping hand to it. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan, while addressing the Foreign Press Association on the sidelines of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly, said, “As per my knowledge, the government in Afghanistan is expanding and other ethnicities are also being included in it. “

Taliban Spokesperson Pakistani Foreign Minister

Taliban Spokesperson Pakistani Foreign Minister

During the press conference it was difficult to decide whether the person talking was the leader of the Taliban or the foreign minister of Pakistan. Who is running here and there with the bowl of Taliban in his hands in front of the world. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that, “If this report is correct, they are moving towards collectivism and inclusivity, which is the right direction. The international community is talking of a comprehensive political solution in Afghanistan. The international community is sure to Wants to say that terrorist groups have no place in Afghanistan.” That is, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan was trying to count on the Taliban’s spokesperson on the global stage, while the truth is that no other caste, religion or women have been given a place in the Taliban. But, the Pakistani foreign minister was being told lie upon lie.

lying at America's feet

lying at America’s feet

In the last two months, whether Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan, or Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Qureshi, or Pakistan’s NSA Moeed Yusuf or any minister of the Pakistan government… all these people were continuously abusing America. They felt that China would help the Taliban and the Taliban would get huge money from China. But, China did not beg the Taliban till one eighteenth. After which now once again took a U-turn in Pakistani ‘beggars’ and started building bridges in praise of America. Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi said that “it was the right decision by the US to withdraw its forces after achieving its goals, because according to Washington, its mission in Afghanistan has been completed.” Qureshi said that, ‘ Like Pakistan, all the neighboring countries of Afghanistan want peace.

Compliment on praise of Taliban

Compliment on praise of Taliban

The Pakistani foreign minister said the Taliban’s announcement of an end to the war, respect for human rights and amnesty is encouraging, so the international community should not leave Afghans alone at this critical juncture. In a video viral on social media, Afghan women can be seen protesting on the streets, he said. Qureshi said that this was not possible 20 years ago, it is a sign that things are changing in Afghanistan. Welcoming the sharing of $1.2 billion in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in Geneva, the External Affairs Minister said the wealth accumulated by Afghans in the US will help the country come out of the humanitarian crisis. He also said that Pakistan has been hosting more than three million Afghan refugees for the past four decades without the help of the international community. He warned the world that if the situation in Afghanistan worsens, the risk of influx of refugees will increase.

“Everything is India’s conspiracy”

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, who has become a ‘beggar’ for the Taliban, said that Pakistan cannot afford more refugees. Qureshi said that Pakistan extended unrestricted help for the safe evacuation of diplomatic staff and citizens of various countries from Kabul, but unfortunately, Pakistan’s positive efforts were not appreciated. In the end, the Pakistani Foreign Minister did not forget to name India. The Pakistani Foreign Minister, who found India’s conspiracy in everything, once again said that, “India wants to create instability in Pakistan.” He said, “India used Afghan territory against us, the proof of which we have seen in the world presented before.” “We want peace and stability in the region. But, in response to our desire for peace, India has taken unilateral steps to escalate the situation in Kashmir on August 5, 2019.”

Why did Pakistan become a 'beggar' of Libya?

Why did Pakistan become a ‘beggar’ of Libya?

You must be wondering why Pakistan must have become a beggar. So there’s only one answer, for dollars. Pakistan has neither industry nor business. Pakistan, which once sold rice and wheat, is now buying rice and wheat from abroad. Till two years back, the textile industry was doing very well in Pakistan, but due to the policies of Imran Khan, the textile industry has come down on its knees. Therefore, Pakistan is left with no other option but to beg. Pakistan is repeatedly begging for the Taliban, so that as soon as the Taliban gets the money, they ask for their share in it. Apart from this, there is nothing else in the hands of Pakistan now. Pakistan is left with only a factory of terrorists in the name of industry, apart from this, there is nothing left with Pakistan except begging.

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