Paagal Review: The film ‘Pagal’ makes the mistake of thinking the audience is crazy

Paagal Review: In the beginning of the film, the hero says that till date I have fallen in love with 1600 girls. Kaisa Bhunda is a joke which has been put in the name of comedy and romantic angle in the film. The Telugu film ‘Pagal’ follows a very strange plot. Seeing such films, it seems that the intelligence of the story writer was stoned and he is writing a story about such a strange problem which does not happen in today’s era or is a story of a wild and crazy love. The film could have become so funny that the hero would narrate the stories of his failed love affairs and the audience would feel love, betrayal and pain with him, but ‘Pagal’ has thought all the viewers crazy.

A child loves his mother the most and most unconditionally. Can he find this love in someone else? The hero of the film Pagal, Prem (Vishvak Sen) knows how to imagine that by giving rose flowers to any girl and saying ‘I love you’, she will fall in deep and unfathomable love. Not a single love story is made on such a shallow idea and this petty love of love does not succeed. The writer of the film has an empty mind when Raja Reddy (Murali Sharma), a leader in the film, makes a speech while seeking votes as if he is wooing his lover and Prem falls in love with him too. After this there is a slight twist in the story which adds a bit of thrill and a bit of momentum to the film. Had the story started from here, perhaps a good masala film could have been made. The first part of the film is completely meaningless and boring for the audience. The film is worth watching after the interval.

Along with acting, the film’s hero Vishwak Sen has also directed some films such as ‘Falaknuma Das’, the Telugu remake of the 2017 Malayalam film ‘Angamali Diaries’ or ‘Hit – The First Case’ with the famous actor ‘Nani’. He still has a long way to go in terms of acting. He is sorely lacking in heroic qualities. The dance is fine, the acting is of a formulaic type. How did he agree to work on such a poor story and even weaker screenplay than that, it is a matter to think about. Bhumika Chawla and Murli Sharma leave little impact on their experience. Comedy has been tried in the film and action has also been inserted but it was needed only in the second part. The heroine of the film is Tira (Niveta Pethuraj) who is also beautiful in appearance and also performs well. This character needed to be the center of the entire film, but the name of the film is Pagal, so all the focus has been placed on the hero of the film.

The music is by Radhan, there are some songs which are full of fun and their lyrics are also filled with English words. One song is seen using the word ‘Google’. There is no situation in the film for most of the songs, but like the plays, its songs carry the story of the film and hence do not look strange. This film can only be rated ‘bizarre’. The film has the potential to be a romantic comedy which could have been made like a cute love story. In the film, it seems very trivial for a hero’s character to fall in love with a new girl every 10 minutes. The intellect of the author also feels pity when he compares the love of a mother with the love of a girlfriend. How is it possible that a girl loves a boy the way that boy’s mother used to do to him, that too just because the boy has given him roses on the middle of the road and said ‘I love you’. No sensible person will like this film just for such a stupid idea.

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