Oxygen production capacity increased from 9500 to 19236 metric tons, know how ready the hospitals are to deal with the third wave

New Delhi. In April last year, when the second wave of corona started causing havoc, there was an outcry in the whole country. Corona patients were not getting space in hospitals and the oxygen supply was completely exhausted. Thousands of patients died due to lack of oxygen. This time the third wave has knocked and cases of corona infection are increasing much faster than before, but this time India is also fully prepared to deal with it. According to government sources, even though the cases of corona may increase compared to last year, but this time there is no shortage of facilities in the hospitals. Because this time the covid infrastructure has doubled as compared to the second wave.

More than 4.40 lakh cases will come daily
According to the data, this time there has been an increase of 28 times in the cases of corona infection in the last 13 days. On Sunday, 1.80 lakh new cases of corona have been reported in the country while there have been 7.3 lakh active cases in the country. Last year on May 7, the highest number of 4.40 lakh new cases were reported in the country. If we look at the global figures, this time the figure of 4.40 lakhs can be crossed in India. Although officials have said that despite such an alarming increase in the rate of infection, this time there is no reason for any panic in the country. An official said that this time the government has prepared twice to three times more than before.

19236 Metric Tonne Daily Oxygen Production Capacity
The official said that the study done on Omicron in South Africa shows that even though the cases of infection increase at a very fast rate, but it also falls down with the same speed. He said that most of the cases are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms. Vaccine coverage has been done to most of the population of the country, so even after infection, the possibility of reaching the hospital is very less. According to the data of the Ministry of Health, when the corona was at its peak last year, the oxygen production capacity in India was 9500 metric tons, but at present it has reached 19236 metric tons. The official said that I do not think that more oxygen will be needed in our country than this. Anyway, the infection of Omicron is limited to the upper parts of the chest.

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