OSCAR Award 2022: After three years, it is going to be a blast, know what will be special this time

New Delhi: Oscar Awards are the most special for any film and artist. Every artist works hard for years and years to reach its category. Now after 2018 once again this most award show is being organized, its preparations have also started very loudly. Due to this, a lot of curiosity has also increased in everyone for these awards.

Host name not disclosed

Now regarding these awards, Craig Erwich, president of ABC Entertainment and Hulu Originals, has announced these awards during a Television Critics Association winter virtual press conference tour. However, at the moment he has not told who is being handed over the command of hosting this time.

No host since 2019

Let us tell you that the Oscar Awards of the last 2019 and 2021 did not get any host of their own. In such a situation, now that the show is going to get a host, the audience is also very excited. By the way, when ABC was asked who is going to host the Oscars, he jokingly said, ‘Maybe I should.’

will be organized on this day

It is worth noting that while on one hand the dates of award shows and events around the world have been postponed due to Corona virus, on the other hand, it has been told by Walt Disney that preparations have been started in Los Angeles for the Oscars. Which is going to be held on 27 March.

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