Orgasm on its own can also be symptoms of disorder, know what is this disease

Persistent genital arousal disorder in women: Sometimes women experience a sudden climax, ie orgasm, without sexual arousal and without having a sexual relationship. Neither does he have the desire to have sex at that time nor does he have sexual relations with anyone. relation manufactures. Despite this, she suddenly reaches orgasm. If a woman has such symptoms, then it is not an experience of pleasure, but it is a disorder called Persistent genital arousal disorder -PGAD They say. This is a very strange disease usually occurring in women. Although it is not a life threatening disease, it can cause psychologist become a victim of confusion. Physical pain for women due to PGAD Stress and undergo psychological complications. Women with PGAD experience genital wetting, vaginal swelling, hips, and feet Pain lives. Although women remain unaware of this. They do not know why all this is happening.

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What are the symptoms of this PGAD
medical news today According to this, at the time of PGAD, suddenly there is a sensation in the private part of the woman. Apart from this, itching starts in the private part and pressure starts on it. Also experiences the impact of something. Burning and stinging also starts. These things keep happening until she reaches orgasm, then suddenly she feels the intensity of the orgasm. After that they have to face many problems.

what are the difficulties
If a woman is experiencing PGAD continuously or is not getting treatment for it, then many complications start coming in them. She struggles with anxiety, depression, panic, sadness, hopelessness, guilt and insomnia. If this disease starts happening continuously in a woman, then she goes into a lot of trouble. She loses faith in her sexual pleasure and when she moves towards the actual orgasm, this pleasant experience gives her a feeling of pain.

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What is the reason
However, till now PGAD could not be traced accurately. Sexual arousal, masturbation, anxiety, and stress can be caused by this, but even if these symptoms are not there, PGAD can still happen. In some research, Tarlov cysts have been considered as the cause. However, there is no solid proof of this either.
what is the treatment
So far, no test has been developed to confirm this disease, nor has any medicine been invented to get rid of it. It can be treated with some psychological therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

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