Oppo introduced a smartphone to be rolled out! Change the screen size, AR Glass is also special

Oppo X 2021 is a rollable phone. (Photo: Oppo Twitter)

Oppo (Oppo) has introduced one of its concept phones with a rollable display. The company named it Oppo X 2021 …

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  • Last Updated:November 18, 2020, 5:02 PM IST

So far foldable smartphones were present in the smartphone market and now a very different type of phone is coming. Actually, entry of smartphone with rollable display is going to happen soon. Chinese smartphone maker Oppo (Oppo) has introduced its concept phone with a rollable display. The company has named it Oppo X 2021. Apart from this, Oppo has also introduced Augmented Reality (AR) Glass 2021 at its annual conference. The company has introduced this product at its Inno Day 2020 event.

According to the company, the Oppo X2021 rollable concept handset is a new achievement in its R&D department. It has structural striking in addition to the flexible display, which will give users a natural interactive experience. Talking about the Oppo X 2021 concept, it is an OLED panel that you can pull out while using (it is automatic).

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The phone’s display is 6.7 inches, but it can transform to 7.4 inches. As the screen gets bigger, the software also adjusts accordingly. This feature will prove to be more useful for multi tasking. Oppo has used the OLED panel for the rollable concept smartphone and the roll motor has been used here. During the transform of the phone’s screen, the motor used in it is used.

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AR Glass 2021 is special
Meanwhile the Oppo AR Glass 2021 is a compact and ultra light device and it is at least 75% lighter than its previous one. There are divers sensors in it. Oppo AR Glasses will be supported with better CPU and GPU than before. This stereo Fisheye camera, a TOF (time of flight) sensor and an RGB camera have been given.

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