Online Vs Offline Education: Why is the interest of children towards education and books dying?

New Delhi. There is a question in the mind of all of us about how effective education through offline medium will prove to be in the lives of our children. Even though studying through online medium may be a compulsion for our children, but we are realizing that the educational development of the children has come to a standstill. Not only this, children’s interest in studies and books is dying out. In such a situation, the big question is that what is the difference between online and offline education, which is doing all-round harm to the children by narrowing them down.

According to Dr. Ramashankar Kushwaha, Assistant Professor at Delhi University, online education can never be an alternative to offline education. Because, the teachers in the class not only teach the lesson to the children, but also take full care of their attitude and behavior. In the class, children are constantly asked about how they are sitting, why they are looking around, how much attention they have in studies. That is, the direct attention of the teacher is on the children sitting, speaking, listening and their concentration in the class. This kind of psychological silent dialogue between teacher and students is possible only in offline classes.

Why is the interest in children’s books decreasing
According to Dr. Ramashankar Kushwaha, reading habit in children is most developed in the group. Man understands competition and learns the most from competition. Competition between children disappears in online education. In the absence of competition, skill development in children is not possible. Actually, till the child does not develop reading habit, sitting habit, talking behavior means the way of sitting, the way of conversation, till then he will not have any attachment towards any work. When there is no attachment towards any work or studies, then how will the skill be formed.

Dr. Ramashankar Kushwaha explains that speaking is a great skill in itself. No one is moderating or teaching this skill. If all the work is done sitting in the family, if it is done from YouTube or Google, then there is no problem. But it will not happen, everyone knows this. Online education can never be considered a substitute for offline education. Online education under compulsion is fine, but its nature and disadvantages need to be considered. Because, children are not being taught in online classes, only the formalities of completing the syllabus are being completed.

The purity of language is disappearing in online classes
According to Dr. Ramashankar Kushwaha, Assistant Professor at the University of Delhi, a teacher in the classroom teaches his students a lot beyond studies. This very much plays an important role in the overall development of the children. One thing in this lot is correctness in language and pronunciation. In the class, children are told how to speak which word, in which word the tongue and lips will move. It is not possible to learn all this online. The process of learning or understanding a language is possible only and only in offline education.

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