Onam 2020: know what is the history and importance of Onam festival, what is the full story

Onam 2020: know what is the history and importance of Onam festival, what is the full story

Onam 2020: know what is the history and importance of Onam festival, what is the full story

Hello Friends, The festival of  Onam is celebrated with great pomp in South India, especially in Kerala. Onam is specially celebrated in the field for its good crop yield. This festival has started on 22 August and this festival will last for 10 days. That is, it will start on 22 August and end on 2 September. This festival gives a sense of harmony and brotherhood in the society.


Fade glow in the festival due to corona:

Let us tell you that this time due to coronavirus, the Onam festival is losing its shine. It is very special at the festival. On this day worship is not done in temples, but people stay at home and worship. There is a legend behind celebrating this festival, which is quite famous. The story is based on the honor of Maharaja Bali.


How to celebrate Onam festival:

Onam is one of the major festivals of Malayali people and this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm by almost all Malayalees living in India and abroad. Although the grand event of Onam is held in Kerala, this festival is also celebrated with much pomp in many other states.


One of the specialties of this festival is that on this day people do worship in their homes and not in the temple. People believe that Lord Vishnu had sought Vamana avatar from King Mahabali for 3 Lokas in three steps. He was the king of Asuraraj King Mahabali Kerala and this festival is dedicated to him only.


What is the full story and history:

In ancient times, King Mahabali was a very powerful king of the present-day state of Kerala and he loved his subjects very much. He was very powerful as well as being a donor. With his muscle, he conquered all the three worlds. Then his guru Shukracharya advised him to achieve the rank of Indra by performing 100 Ashwamedha Yajna.


According to the Guru’s knowledge, King Bali began to perform 100 Ashwamedha Yagna. His 99 yagyas were completed successfully, but before the 100th yajna was completed, Lord Vishnu appeared there in the form of Vamana and asked for three feet of earth from King Bali. But King Bali was unaware that Lord Vishnu is standing in front of him in Vamana avatar. When Bali accepted his demand, Lord Vishnu in the form of Vamana, wearing Virat, measured the whole world in two steps.


Different types of dishes prepared on Onam:

The festival of Onam is known for its diverse culture as well as its food and drink. Various types of cuisines are prepared for this festival along with various entertainment activities. Out of which, banana chips, Kalan, Olan, Avial, pachdi, ingipulli, thoran, sambar, pariappu curry, etc. are included.


When is Onam festival:

According to the Malayalam almanac, Chingam, the first month of Kolaavarsham, which according to the English almanac falls between August and September, it is a tradition to celebrate the festival. According to the Hindu calendar in North India, the festival of Onam is celebrated when the sun is in the Leo sign and the constellation of Shravan. The preparation of the Onam festival starts 10 days before this coincidence of the Sun. According to the ancient tradition, starting from Hasta Nakshatra, it is celebrated till Shravan Nakshatra.