OMG: This man was 72 hours with 72 poisonous snakes, made a world record!

Neelam Kumar Khaire (Photo: from YouTube)

On behalf of the Guinness World Record, it was made clear that even if Neelam Kumar Khaire wanted to come out of his cage for half an hour every day, his record would still be considered but Neelam refused to do so. Had done it. There were 36 two different species of cobras in the Sapphire cage, 24 Russell vipers, 8 banded crates and 4 common snakes.

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There is a large population in the world which is very afraid of snakes. By the way, fear of snakes also abounds because most snakes are so poisonous that a person can be killed by their poison. But a herpetologist from India, a herpetologist, has kept a unique world record by living among snakes. People are shocked to know about this record of theirs.

Let us tell you that scientists who do research on the science of reptiles and snakes are called reptilian scientists. Neelam Kumar Khaire is a renowned scientist of India, whose name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. Neelam set a unique world record in the year 1980 by staying between 72 snakes, 72 hours in a closed box like room. Through this record, he tried to tell people that snakes bite only when they are provoked.

neelam kumar khaire

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How did the idea of ​​making a record?Neelam Kumar Khaire did this feat on 20 January 1980. At that time Neelam was 28 years old and worked as a receptionist in a hotel in Pune. In 1979, Peter from South Africa set a world record when he spent 50 hours between 18 poisonous and 6 less poisonous snakes. Neelam was supposed to break Peter’s record. Initially, the police and administration had refused to do this, but on 20 January, Neelam locked herself in a glass box among 72 snakes.

Neelam loved snakes when she was young. He never used to kill them. While talking to India Today, Neelam had told that when he was young, many snakes were found near his house in Mumbai. Then they would catch them and leave them in the forest area.

How 72 hours of Sapphire were spent
It was made clear from the Guinness World Record that even if Neelam wants to come out of her cage for half an hour every day, her record will still be considered, but Neelam refused to do so. There were 36 two different species of cobras in the Sapphire cage, 24 Russell vipers, 8 banded crates and 4 common snakes. Neelam spent 3 days with all these snakes which went quite well. Whenever snakes came close to them, they used to lift them away slowly. He broke the previous record 72 hours later.

Neelam along with Pune Municipal Corporation established Katraj Snake Park in 1986 which was later renamed Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. He became the first Indian to establish an orphanage for animals and gave his whole life to animals. He has also established the Uttara School of Environment and Rural Development and Extension.


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