OMG: The mother of a child who fell madly in love with a Pakistani lover, reached the border! Know what happened then?

Odisha woman falls in love with Pakistani boy

The woman, who hails from Odisha, fell in love with a Pakistani man and tried to cross the border to meet him but was caught by the police. The interesting thing is that the woman is married and has a child of 5 years.

It is said that Love sees neither caste nor religion, nor age sees nor distances … But such an obsessive love creates all kinds of problems not only for lovers but also for the neighborhood and family. In such a situation, it would be truly stupid to name it love. In the latest development, such a case of love has come to light in which an Indian girl became so obsessed with Ishq that she decided to leave her home family and go to Pakistan illegally. However, this married woman has been caught by the Border Security Force personnel posted in Punjab.

Indo-Pak border reached to meet lover

According to the information, this woman hails from the state of Odisha who left her family to meet her lover and was going to Pakistan, crossing the border town of Dera Baba Nanak Indo-Pakistan Border (India-Pak Border) in Gurdaspur district. She reached the Dera Baba nanak corridor from Odisha and before she managed to get her way, the BSF jawans captured the help of the women constables and handed over the Dera Baba Nanak police.

The woman was married 6 years agoBatala DSP Dera Baba Nanak Kanwalpreet Singh and SHO Anil Pawar told about the woman that she is about 25 years old and married. The woman also has a son of 5 years and has been married for nearly 6 years. According to the police, about two years ago, this woman met a boy from Pakistan through an online app named Azad. Initially the woman had a friendly chat on the app and later she started thinking a lot for him. The love of the border crossed the woman’s mind so much that she left her husband about two months ago and came to her home and from here she decided to meet the lover of Pakistan.

Jewelry received from a woman

The boy whom this lady has fallen in love with is a resident of Islamabad, whose name is Muhammad Mann. Through the same app, the woman and her lover took a WhatsApp number and then a lot of things started. Police has also seized sixty grams of Sono jewelery from the girl, who had brought with her to take her from home to Pakistan. Later, on behalf of the police, contact was made with the concerned police station in Orissa and it was found out that her husband had lodged the missing report of the wife. The girl has been handed over to her family by the police.


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