OMG! Notes started raining on the road, people collected cash by stopping vehicles.

Sometimes some such incidents (Cash Spilled on Road) happen, which no one would have imagined. Something similar happened recently in the California (Carlsbad, California) province of America (United States News). People going on the road (Cash spilled on road in California) here in Carlsbad were surprised when notes started raining on the road. No one could believe that notes were scattered on the road. Many people also started collecting notes.

This incident happened around 9 in the morning. An armored truck passed by the road and as soon as the truck passed, it started raining heavily. The one who saw the notes flying on the road, put his car on the side and after getting down on the highway either started collecting notes or started making videos of this strange incident.

whoever saw it was amazed
A video related to this incident has been shared by fitness influencer Demi Bagby. In this video, she is standing in the middle of the rain of notes and telling people that she had not seen anything more strange than this. Someone has just blown notes on the road and the whole of San Diego is closed. 26 lakh people have seen this video of him so far. Showing people the sight of the notes being scattered, she says that – God has never seen this before. In his video too, people can be seen collecting scattered notes.

Police took cognizance of the incident
Actually, the rain of notes started here when a truck passed through the highway. One door of the truck was open and notes were flying from there. The driver of the vehicle also asked people not to take cash and stop making videos. Although no one listened to him. The police have so far arrested 2 people in the case. Police is trying to contact all the people who have been seen collecting cash through social media videos. Till now it has not been estimated that how much cash was scattered on the road.

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