OCI cardholders to get special permission for ‘tabling or journalism related activities’: Ministry of Home Affairs

OCI cardholders will have to take special permission for work related to research or journalism etc. (Symbolic picture)

New Delhi:

The Home Ministry has said in one of its new rules that if any OCI cardholder wants to start any kind of research, missionary or tablig or any journalism related activity in India, then he has to get a special permission for it. The Ministry has said that they want to start such activities that they have to get special permission from the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO).

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Overseas Indians also have to seek permission if they want to work with a foreign mission or go to an area that has been banned or protected.

Even if there is a change in the address, the OCI cardholders will have to inform the FRRO.

However, one thing is being questioned in these new rules is that the government has kept tablig i.e. a religious program and journalism in the same line. With the onset of coronavirus infection last year, the Tablighi Jamaat was severely criticized in Delhi in March as many such positive cases were found across the country, which were included in this group.

Explain that OCI cardholds mean people of Indian origin who get citizenship of another country, but under this card they get some rights in India. This is quite different from the NRI status. There is no provision of dual citizenship in the Indian Constitution, only the OCI status of India, which is close to this concept.


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