Now artificial intelligence will detect future diseases – Study

Artificial Intelligence will know Future Diseases: Scientists from the State University of New York, University of Buffalo have developed a new system of artificial intelligence, which will give advance information about serious diseases that occur with aging in the patient. This research is published in the ‘Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics’. published Has been done. In this model, metabolic and cardiovascular (arterial and cardiac) biomarkers will be used. Through the biological process of measuring it, the health status will be ascertained by estimating the cholesterol level, body mass index, glucose and blood pressure in the body. Along with this, the apprehension of the diseases caused by it in the lifetime of the people will also be assessed on a scientific basis.

Through this Artificial Intelligence model, as a person ages, his risk of digestive and respiratory diseases will be assessed. Changes in the body with aging have an adverse effect on cells, mental state and behavioral activities.

what the experts say
School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Buffalo Professor Murali Ramanathan It says, ‘With this information, we will be able to understand the development sequence of a disease in a better way. At the same time, future patients will also get enough time to defend themselves.

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He further said, ‘Through many clinical therapies, patients can be prevented from progressing towards that disease. This model can also be used to assess long-term chronic drug therapy, which will also help doctors to monitor the treatment of diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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what is artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence refers to the development of the ability to think and make decisions in a machine. Artificial intelligence is considered to be the most advanced form of computer science and in this a mind is made in which a computer can think, that is, a brain of a computer, which can think like humans.

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