‘November Story’ REVIEW: By November, it becomes difficult to keep interest in it.

The web series ‘November Story’ has been released on Disney + Hotstar.

‘November Story’ is a suspense thriller. The story is of crime writer Ganesan (GM Kumar), who is suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Why can’t we make a good suspense thriller story? Either we get so caught up in the basic plot that we forget to add weight to the story or do we give so much importance to the sub-plots that the original story gets left behind? Or do we keep the suspense of the story hidden for so long that the patience of the people starts answering. In the web series ‘November Story’ released on Disney + Hotstar, all three things derail this thriller.

Web Series: November Story

Season: 1 Season (7 Episodes)

OTT: Disney + Hotstar‘November Story’ is a suspense thriller. The story is of crime writer Ganesan (GM Kumar), who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. Even at this stage of age, he is writing a book and is seen talking to an invisible person Kulhandhai Yesu (Pashupati M) again and again. Ganesan’s daughter is Anuradha (Tamannaah Bhatia) who is a computer expert and works with her friend Malar (Vivek Prasanna) to computerize police records. One day the police computer is hacked and all the FIR records of a particular date disappear. Meanwhile, a woman is murdered in Anu’s old house. When Anu reaches his old house when the news comes, Ganesan, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s attack near the corpse, is sitting there and the accusation of blood will come on him, it seems to be in full swing. Even in the story, it seems that the writing of his father will help Anu to know the secret behind this hacking and murder and the web series will speed up. This is exactly the opposite. The pace of the web series becomes so slow that till the 5th episode, it is not understood what is happening and what all these characters want to find out. Well, by the way in the last episode, the matter is resolved, both Ganesan and Yesu die, and the web series comes to an end. The way it has ended, it does not seem that the next season will come. If this speed is made, then no other should be made.

The back story has a great importance in suspense thriller. What kind of crime or crime is she involved in, what evidence or indications are there that the main character finds out and solves that suspense, and then all the threads come together and a big secret will tear the curtain is. There is a back story confusing in the November story as well. In the police case, the police themselves keep getting confused. The most important thread can be found by looking at a photograph that Anu has been seeing in her house for the past several years. The character of Kulandhai Jesus is best written. Ganesan’s role has also emerged well but Anu’s character is weak. In the first 4 episodes, the story of hacking and a murder keeps going on the screen and both the incidents do not establish any kind of emotional connection with the audience. The story is serious and there is also a silly kind of sergeant to add a little humor, which does not add anything to the investigation of the murder but does bore the audience. Aruldas has done a good job in the role of the investigating officer.

The production of this web series is very good. Vidhu Ayan’s cinematography is quite effective. The scenes of Kulandhai Jesus’ childhood and youth are kept in sepia tone and his pace is also different from the entire series. The scenes of Jesus at the beginning of every episode make a good impression. A special kind of tension has been created in the series, which was probably the demand of the story, but this tension, soon turns into a headache. The story and direction are by Indra Subramaniam, which is not a commendable but this is her first web series, considering the maturity of her art can be appreciated. However, the suspense that he spent 4 episodes to protect, could have saved the series, giving a new dimension to the pace and characters. Once the first layer is uncovered, the whole mystery can be understood. Much time has been spent on finding the justification for the character of Mati (Namita Krishnamurthy) and despite being the center of the story, it is not shown correctly.

Why Tamannaah Bhatia had to debut with this web series is a matter of consideration. The music is by Premchand Kancharia and is heavy on the dialogues too. In many places, it is not possible to connect with the story just because of music. There is a perception that Tamil films have a lot of dialogues because people are verbose, but having so much conversation in a murder mystery spoils the fun of the whole episode. If the dialogue did not have to depend on the dialogue to explain everything happening on the screen, then perhaps the web series would have ended in a total of 4 episodes and would have looked very tight. The November story takes a long time coming November. Viewers get bored. Disney + Hotstar should re-edit it, fix dubbing, and present it with better background music, otherwise this web series will be lost somewhere.


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