Not only calcium for bones, these things are also needed, know the way

how to make bones strongerMost of the people feel pain in the bones in different parts of the body during the winter season. The main reason for this is that the bones start weakening. Nowadays our lifestyle will start getting spoiled in such a way that we are unable to take balanced diet. We eat mostly fat things, which provide energy but it spoils other parts of the body quickly. Often we ignore bone health. Due to this, the problem of arthritis, neuromatitis, joint pain increases. For those who have these problems, winter is no less than a disaster.

Doctors often ask to consume enough milk to strengthen bones. Along with this, calcium supplements are also given. But to make sufficient amount of calcium in the body, it is not only necessary to have calcium, but apart from calcium, it is also necessary to have protein, vitamins and many other types of minerals in the body. Also, low calorie diet is also not right for bones. By the way, the foundation of bone strength is laid in childhood because what we eat in adolescence determines bone health. healthline According to the news, after the age of 30, the bones start weakening. In such a situation, it is necessary for us to include extra things in the diet for bone health. Here is information about such things that can strengthen bones.

Tips to keep bones strong

quit low calorie diet

Health conscious people often take low calorie diet due to the fear of increasing obesity, but it is not right for bone health because if the body does not get calories then the bones will start getting weak. Due to fewer calories, the speed of metabolism will also start decreasing, due to which the mass of the muscles will start decreasing. Due to this the bone will start weakening. It has been found in the study that if less than one thousand calories are being taken daily, then it will lead to bone density weakness.

Vitamin D essential

Vitamin D and Vitamin K are most important for strong bones. Due to vitamin D, the absorption of calcium in the body is possible. There should be 30 nanograms of vitamin D per milliliter of blood. A deficiency of this can lead to osteopenia, osteoporosis, etc. in the bones.

regular exercise

You can take the help of exercise to strengthen the bones. For this, do such exercises in which the ability to lift the weight increases. One study found that people who participated in weight lifting training for one year had an increase in bone miner density and bone size.

Adequate protein intake is also important

It is important to have enough protein for bone health because if there is less protein in the body then calcium will not be able to be absorbed properly. However, too much protein also causes loss of calcium in the body. Therefore, a balanced amount of protein is essential for bones.

Milk-curd, green leafy vegetables

Calcium-rich food is essential for bones. For this, along with milk, eat things like green leafy vegetables, brussel sprouts, capsicum, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges and bananas.

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