New Technology: Now the face will not be able to hide lies, muscles will open all the secrets

If someone is lying, it is not easy to catch his lie. Even scientifically, there is very little option that people can be caught lying. However, now Israeli scientists (New Inventions) have discovered such a technique, in which it will be easier than ever to catch a lie.

Tel Aviv University’s Professor Dina Levy, along with his team, has found a way, which will easily catch the lies of the front. Through the movement of facial muscles (Facial Movements Will Expose Liars), it will know whether the person in front is telling the truth or a lie. The interesting thing is that its success rate is also up to 73 percent.

Human lies will be caught like this
In this technology, there will be stickers made on some very soft surfaces, in which electrodes will be attached. These will be pasted on the face. These sensors will monitor muscles and nerves. According to the researchers, the cheeks and eyebrows of a person start to move differently while lying. The way this technology is working, no device has ever been able to do this before. In this method, truth and falsehood could be detected accurately in 73 percent of the cases. This device, made by Professor Yael Hanin, is being sold by the Israeli company X-trodes.

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Truth and falsehood will be detected accurately
Even before this, many studies have been done on this matter, how to detect lies? Such a device will be of great help during the interrogation of the police. After sticking this device on a human’s face, the researchers put on headphones and listened to the words where they were lying. After the device’s 73 percent success, researchers are now working on a way to detect lies from facial muscles using high-resolution camera footage.

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