New government rule for temporary employees, will complete these jobs, many benefits will be available

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The government has also drafted a Code on Social Security for Gig Workers along with workers in the unorganized sector. With this, the gig workers will get the benefit of social security. Gig firms will also have to submit final returns by 31 October every year.

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  • Last Updated:November 16, 2020, 11:33 AM IST

new Delhi. The government has issued a draft rule for social security of Gig Workers. In this, the gig firm workers will have to constantly update their details on the portal specified by the central government to get social security benefits. Those temporary employees in companies are called gig workers, who get paid on the basis of work. As per the Code on Social Security Rules-2020, all unorganized sector workers, including gigs and platform workers, have their current address, job, duration of joining the gig firm, skills, mobile number etc. Details will have to be updated.

Final returns to be submitted by 31 October
The contribution to the Social Security Fund will be different from that of other unorganized sector workers for gig workers, five per cent. Gig firms will also have to submit final returns by 31 October every year. According to the proposal, gig firms will be required to make an annual contribution by June 30 every year for social security of gig firms and platform workers.

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All such contributions will be made through self-assessment by the gig companies, which will have to submit a form stating the number of gig workers associated with the annual turnover of the aggregators at the beginning of each financial year and in the first year. Gigs and platform workers will not be eligible to avail social security schemes in the absence of details. The eligibility to take any benefit from social security funds for unorganized and gig workers will be determined separately by the government.

For delayed payment of cess by construction firms, the rate of interest should be reduced from 2% to 1% every month.

The Labor Assessing Officer will no longer have the power to stop the construction work indefinitely.

Such evaluation officers can visit the construction site only with prior approval from higher officials.

The registration of gig and unorganized sector workers will be certified with their Aadhaar details, after which they will be allotted a unique registration number.

Gig firms will be required to make an annual contribution to the social security of their workers by 30 June every year.

Workers will have to continuously update their details, including residential address, current job, duration of stay connected with Gig Fame on web portal to remain eligible for social security benefits.

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