Netflix is ​​going to be free for two days in India, so take advantage

Netflix is ​​going to make its platform free in India for two days. Netflix is ​​hosting Streamfest in India on 5 and 6 December in which anyone can log in to Netflix and watch movies, TV series and everything on the documentary summit platform. Netflix Streamfest will start at exactly 12.01 pm and end on December 6 at 11:59 pm. Netflix will allow a stream in standard definition on StreamFest. You can join the stream by visiting this link.
In addition to free streaming, Streamfest gives you all the features of Netflix such as profiles, parental controls, cataloging, movie downloading and shows. But given that free streaming is only for two days, most likely you will be watching movies and shows.
It is believed that the highest traffic can be seen on Netflix in these two days.

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Netflix said it would limit Streamfest viewership but had not yet specified limits. If it reaches the maximum number of viewers, it will display a message saying “Streamfest is in capacity”. You will still be notified when you can start streaming again. Greg Peters, COO and Chief Product Officer of Netflix, announced the free streaming plan during the company’s recent earnings call. The company is testing it first in India, and based on the feedback it will take things further.


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