Neighbor put a pile of garbage 8 feet high outside the person’s house, hard work had to be done to enter inside the house

There are many people who keep their house clean and tidy, but spreading garbage outside the house becomes their hobby. The result of this negligence is suffered by the people living in the neighbourhood. Such people do not even think that because of their action, others can also suffer. Something similar happened with a person in England. When he reached his house, there was a mountain of garbage outside his house.

A person named Paul Stephenson, who lives in Birmingham, while talking to Birmingham Live, told that a few days ago he had gone out somewhere. When he reached his house, he saw that 8 feet high garbage (8ft mound of rubbish) was piled outside his house. He was stunned on seeing this. His house is climbing up the stairs, but due to the garbage lying in front of the lower door, he was not able to enter the house (Garbage in front of the house). Paul works as a charity worker. He told that all this garbage has been thrown in front of his house by a person living in the neighborhood. Neighbor’s vacant house is being refurbished for some time. There is a lot of vandalism in the house and whatever garbage comes out is thrown outside. This garbage had been increasing for the last one month and when he reached home one day, he saw that the garbage had grown to the form of 8 feet high mountain.

Photo: Twitter/@viralbombs

Paul told that the old bed, bricks, plaster, broken furniture, stones etc. were lying outside the door of the house which had blocked the door of the house. He said that while doing the interior work, the employees were throwing the garbage outside without keeping it in an orderly manner. He said- “When I saw that day, there was no place to even enter the house, so I had to shift many things by myself to enter the house.” Paul has complained to Birmingham City Council and the fire brigade. He said that the laborers working in the house keep smoking cigarettes sitting near the boundary of their house, due to which they are afraid that the cigarette may cause fire. The person said that till now he has not got any solution from this problem.

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