Neeraj Chopra Diet: What was the diet plan of Neeraj Chopra, who created history in Olympics?

Neeraj Chopra Diet: What Neeraj won the gold medal by eating: Neeraj, who created history in golden letters, has a favorite food of bread omelette and knows what he said about Golgappa.

New Delhi. Neeraj Chopra Diet: After a long wait of 13 years, India has got a gold medal in an event of the Olympic Games. Javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has won the gold medal by winning a huge victory, which is a matter of great happiness for the whole country. After 121 years, he has got India a gold medal in athletics. With the joy of winning this medal, another question is arising in the minds of the people, what was the secret of their food? So let us tell you.

The answer is that he had eaten bread omelet in his diet. Which they like very much. Recently, he has also included salmon fish in his diet.

Let us know about some of his favorite foods.

  • Neeraj told that he likes to eat omelet very much.
  • They can eat the omelet any time.
  • This is one of his favorite foods.
  • Neeraj also likes golgappas very much.
  • They say that there is no harmful thing in Golgappa.
  • Neeraj sometimes makes salted rice for himself.
  • A few days ago, he has included salmon fish in the diet.
  • He also liked to drink fruit juice during most of the practice.
  • If there is a tournament in any country, then they like to eat there.
  • He advises players from any other country to eat Indian made chicken curry or butter chicken.

Why salmon fish is special for any player

Salmon fish is believed to be rich in protein, iron, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Not only is it very beneficial for our body, as well as it is also helpful in the recovery of muscles in our body. This fish has anti-inflammatory properties.

It greatly strengthens the immunity of our body. Vitamins are also found in abundance in this fish. It is rich in Vitamin B3, B1. Nutrients are found in it which are helpful in protecting against heart diseases.

At the same time, after winning the gold medal, Neeraj Chopra’s mother told the media, “I am waiting for Neeraj to return from Tokyo. Churma is Neeraj’s favorite dish and will cook and feed it.”


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