Nawab Malik vs NCB: ‘The shield is making my son-in-law’s case’ – Maharashtra minister told NDTV

The senior NCP leader said, “More than thousands of crores have been collected from Mumbai city. There is definitely a wrong thing going on.’ Leaders of the ruling coalition in Maharashtra have accused the agency of following the behest of the BJP to defame the state government.

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Earlier on Monday, while tweeting, Malik had raised questions on Wankhede’s birth certificate. A birth certificate copy was tweeted, in which the father’s name is written as Dawood’s Wankhede. It was accompanied by a caption, ‘Forgery started from here by Sameer Dawood Wankhede.’

Thereafter, Wankhede filed an affidavit in the court saying that a “well-known politician” was being made a victim of ‘personal disgrace’ as one of his relatives, Sameer Khan, was arrested in a drugs case.

I have come for personal work, no one has summoned me: Sameer Wankhede, who arrived in Delhi, said

Wankhede said, “The publication of my personal documents is a case of defamation and an unnecessary invasion of the privacy of my family. It is aimed at defaming me, my family, my father and my late mother.” Also said that his family is under immense mental and emotional pressure and he himself is troubled by these absurd defamatory allegations.

Malik still stands by his allegations. He has accused the officer of “tampering with documents” and “getting an IRS job with a false caste certificate”.

Malik said, “A person is using forged documents to obtain SC certificate and get benefits. He named Dawood. Married to a Muslim woman, he had two children. We have a nikahnama. If he is a Hindu If so, why was the nikahnama made? Why did he do the nikah in the mosque? Surely he was a Muslim. He tampered with the document to get benefits in the name of SC as his father was SC.’

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