Navjot Singh Sidhu made this big announcement by tweeting about agricultural laws …

Navjot Sidhu has tweeted freshly on the issue of agricultural laws (file photo)

New Delhi:

Farmer’s Protest: Agricultural laws The deadlock between the Central Government and the farmers regarding the Farm Laws has not yet been resolved. So far, more than 10 rounds of negotiations have been held between the two sides for consent in this matter, but no consensus solution has been reached. By the way, in most parts of the country, there have been protests against the agricultural laws of the central government, but most of the opposition is happening in Punjab. Punjab Congress leader and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu (Navjot Singh Sidhu) has put his side on the issue of agriculture law by tweeting a video on Friday. Sidhu, who has been very vocal on social media, has announced in a docile manner that Punjab denies the implementation of three black agricultural laws.

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Navjot, who reached the Congress after serving with the BJP for many years, wrote in his tweet, ‘Demand: Punjab not only agitates and reforms but completely denies the implementation of all three black agricultural laws. We have enough grounds to reject the implementation of these unconstitutional and illegal laws.

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Significantly, even before this, Sidhu has been speaking out loudly about agricultural laws. In a tweet with the hashtags of FarmersProtest and FarmLaws, a few days ago, he wrote – this is the culture of black laws, sir, he talks about giving food. In another tweet, he had written – He will come with new promises, you stay on old terms only. In another tweet, he wrote, ‘Those who have to listen do not listen, and the silence is sitting on the ear.’ After the talks with the central government did not reach any result, the farmers decided to intensify their agitation. is.

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