NASA’s rover to land on Mars, will take 7 minutes after its entry into the atmosphere, see live

Digital Desk, Washington. The Mars Space Rover of the US Space Agency NASA will land on Mars at the Jjero Crater between 1 pm and 2 pm (3:55 pm EST). Entry into the atmosphere of Mars, from there the rover’s descent and then landing will take about 7 minutes. NASA scientists on Earth will get every information about the landing of Percerance on Mars after 11 minutes 22 seconds.

In this mission, the rover will collect stone samples that will be brought back to Earth for analysis in about a decade. The Jezzero crater is full of boulders, rocks, sand dunes. This crater is not as large as Lake Okeechobee in Florida. To reach the surface, this spacecraft must cross the murky sky of Mars. This will be the most risky part of this mission. It will take about seven minutes. Here seven minutes will decide whether the mission was successful or not. However, brand-new guidance and parachute-triggering technology will help secure the vehicle.

Rover comes down with parachute to be captured in camera for the first time
The cameras will shoot a color video of the landing, while the microphones will capture the sound. This will be the first time we will see a video of a rover coming down on Mars with a parachute. In addition, the rover will also try to produce oxygen from carbon dioxide in the thin Martian atmosphere. This oxygen may someday be used to breathe astronauts, as well as to make rocket propellants.

NASA wants to send astronauts back to the Moon by 2024 and send them to Mars from there in the 2030s. For this, the space agency has also sent samples of spacesuit material along with the perquisites to see how successful they are in the rigid Martian environment. NASA is spending around $ 3 billion on this mission. This mission will last for about two years.


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