Narappa Review: Learn from Narappa how to keep the soul alive in the remake of a successful film

If your filmography is full of National Awards, Filmfare Awards and most importantly, if one of your films is sent to the Oscars (Academy Award) by India, then any film you make, expect something different from them. It’s the same. In 2019, director Vetrimaaran made a Tamil film with his favorite actor Dhanush “Asuran”. It was a unique film of its kind on sensitive and dreaded topics like caste struggle, richness – poverty, stories of atrocities on Dalits and their land snatching, rape of Dalit women and mass murder of Dalits by upper caste people. . Recently the Telugu remake of this film was released on Amazon Prime Video. Looking at Narappa, it is realized that this is a frame by frame copy of Asuran, but at the same time it is to be understood very well that the whole game in the remake depends on the acting.

Tamil Asuran’s Dhanush and Telugu Narappa’s Venkatesh, both have a mixed eye of sadness and violence. The film Asuran was based on the novel Vekkai by Sahitya Akademi Award-winning Tamil writer Poomani and scripted by Manimaran and Vetrimaaran. Its Telugu remake is directed by Srikant Addala. Narappa (Venkatesh) lives with his family i.e. wife Sundaramma (Priya Mani), his son Sinappa, daughter Bujiamma and his brother-in-law Basavaiya.

The landlords have to take possession of Narappa’s fields so that cement factory can be set up there. As a result, Rangababu (Sriteja), son of the landlord Panduswami (Adukalam Naren), misbehaves with Narappa’s wife Sundaramma. Narappa’s eldest son Munikanna (Karthik Ratnam) beats up Rangbabu and is arrested by the police after which Panduswamy’s goons slit his throat and kill him. A year later, Narappa’s younger son Sinappa wants to avenge this and kills Panduswamy.

Narappa and Sinappa escape through the forest and through the river. The remaining family hides in different places. Narappa saves his son from an attack by Rangabu’s goons and then he narrates the story of his dreaded past to his son. How Narappa’s entire family was burnt alive by the goons in a life tainted by poverty and caste hatred and how Narappa killed all those goons. Narappa, wandering in search of a quiet life, meets Basavaiya and his sister Sundaramma and tries to settle down with his new life. Troubled by violence, Narappa prefers to stay away from every controversy. Sinappa’s opinion about his father changes. Narappa then agrees to surrender in court with the help of a senior lawyer and advisor. To end the case, Narappa agrees to sell his land too, but by then Rangbabu and Doraiswamy move in defiance of the court’s order, kidnapping and thrashing Sinappa. Narappa kills everyone in anger and then surrenders on the advice of the family members and goes to court.

The story looks like a tale of revenge but this revenge comes as a result of years of caste conflict. If a country liquor maker does not get a girl for marriage in his society, then he agrees to marry his relative (elder sister’s daughter i.e. his niece). Narappa’s elder brother and a social worker lawyer want to get the land illegally occupied by the landlords to be returned to their rightful owners, whose struggle is depicted at the core of the film. Narappa loses his first family due to violence and the second time he marries a girl who is unable to get married. When Narappa goes from house to house in the whole village and rubs his nose in front of the people of high society to free his son from the clutches of the police, it is not his compulsion but he is aware of the fatal consequences of violence. Narappa, who once lost his entire family, loses his elder son again and despite all this his younger son considers him a coward, then we remember Bapu’s path of non-violence. At the end of the film, he gives only one lesson to his son that he has to read, write and do a kind of job because like land and money, the zamindar will not be able to take away his studies from him.

Venkatesh has done a great job in the character of Narappa. Venkatesh is experienced. He does not have innocent eyes like a bow, but his get-up has been done so well that the age and age spots are clearly visible on the face. His aversion to fighting, violence and weapons is clearly visible. They do not have the mind to fight, but the injustice they have been facing for years, when it bursts, then there is an earthquake. The film is full of Venkatesh but the role of Priya Mani has to be praised. Seeing her husband burning with sesame seeds daily from inside, she becomes a little bitter. She loses her son. Hides in different places with her daughter. But the fire inside him keeps burning throughout the film. His attitude is heavier than the character of Venkatesh. The characters of the rest of the actors are less, but they have played the roles very well.

Director Shrikant Addala did not have to do anything special, but his hold on the medium is clearly visible. At any moment you can also associate this film with Asuran and watch it separately. There is a Telugu remake to say but no play has been done with the real story and soul of the film in this film. That is why Narappa gave birth to the same feelings as much as the mind was sad after seeing Asuran. Those who have not seen or seen Asuran, even then this film will leave them stunned. Have a look at Narappa. How a remake should be made will be guessed and it is a great film.

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