Munshi Premchand Jayanti 2020: Know about his history

Munshi Premchand Jayanti 2020: Know about his history

Munshi Premchand Jayanti 2020: Students of English Medium School Read more about him than Hindi Medium, know where they were born

Hello friends, today is the birth anniversary of Munshi Premchand Ji, the most popular novelist, storyteller, and thinker in Hindi and Urdu. There is no addition to his contribution to Hindi literature. His novels and stories have a special place not only in the country but also in the hearts of readers all over the world. The works of Samrat Premchand are being taught in both Hindi schools and English schools.

Munshi Premchand

Life Introduction: Munshi Premchand

Today is the 140th birthday of eminent Literature Munshi Premchand Ji. Munshi Premchand Ji has been a popular novelist, storyteller, and thinker in Hindi and Urdu. He was born on 31 July 1880 in a village called Lamhi, 4 miles from Varanasi district. In the Hindi literature world, he is also called a soldier of the pen.


Munshi Premchand’s debut is considered a special moment in the Hindi literary world. Premchand Ji was a populist and progressive writer. Munshi Premchand was the author of such a democratic consciousness, who, while working in the late twentieth century, had written the problems of modern society up to the 21st century in his own words.


Munshi Premchand's house was announced to be beautified:

A decade ago in administration from the village of Munshi Premchand, the Heritage Village was announced. Pokhare will be beautified near Munshi Ji’s house to form a boundary. Along with the fountain and lighting, seating arrangements for literature lovers will make it a tourist destination.


The villagers hoped that the way of tourism would be paved here, employment opportunities would be available. But the dust of the time had accumulated on the files. Waiting for development, Munshi’s village stopped. Suresh Chand Dubey, who oversees the Premchand memorial, told that the DDA had beautified Pokhare in the year 2008.


Premchand Ji's compositions reflect today's time:

Let me tell you that about 100 years ago, Premchand Ji, like Sanjay of Mahabharata, had seen tomorrow from his far sight. This statement will not be wrong at all. Thus he composed his novels, stories, and plays. He reveals his truth, whether it is a farmer, a Dalit, or a woman. Regardless, their compositions represent the real form of society.


The story of Munshi Premchand Ji in both UP board and CBSE board included:


 As you all know that both the UP board and CBSE board have included the stories of Munshi Premchand Ji. Premchand’s Mantra is taught in the UP Board’s books in Class 9 and Sacrifice in Class 11. There is not a single composition of Premchand in the 10th and 12th students’ courses.


The story of two bulls in Horizon Part-1, running in CBSE Class 9, Bade Bhai Saheb in Sparsh Part 2 of Class 10, An Idgah in Antara Part 1 of 11th, and Namak ka Daroga in Aroha Part 1. Antara Part 2, which runs in class 12, is being taught a part of the novel “Surdas’s hut”.

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