Mumbai: The woman was vaccinated in the fake vaccination center, now the corona infection happened

Mumbai. A 31-year-old woman has been found infected with the corona virus in a fake vaccination camp in Kandivali, Mumbai. Now he is undergoing treatment at the local hospital. He is being given other injections including Remdesivir.

The name of this woman is Jaina Sanghvi. He is among 390 people who were given vaccine doses at the fake corona vaccination center set up by some people at Hiranandani Heritage Housing Society. These people claimed that he was from a private hospital and had set up vaccination camps there.

All 390 people claimed that they did not get their information on the Kovin app after being vaccinated. Along with this, certificates were issued to him in the name of three different hospitals. He also feared that the corona vaccine given to him was fake.

According to a media report, Jaina Sanghvi said, ‘My hospital bill is already very high. Also the injection of Remdesivir is also very expensive. Apart from financial stress, I also have emotional stress. Because I have left my six year old daughter with my parents in Nalasopara. He also has a cold, this has increased my anxiety. Along with this, his online school is going on and his examination is about to take place. I feel very bad for not being with him at such times.’

Jaina says, ‘All this happened after we had registered for the vaccine dose on time. Now I have to take second dose next month. The woman claims that even after more than a month of fake vaccination, the authorities are not giving any clarification regarding the re-vaccination on their behalf.

At the same time, the BMC says that it is yet to decide on how to get people vaccinated in fake vaccination centers to get vaccinated. BMC said, ‘We are waiting for the police report to know what was in those vaccine vials. In the last week of June, a team of health officers went to the society. He had inquired about the health of the people there.


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