Mumbai Diaries 26/11 Review: The most enjoyable web series on Mumbai Diaries 26/11 sorrow

Review: 26 November 2011… It was a night for Mumbai, for Maharashtra, for India and for the world that saw humanity being riddled with bullets on television, rags of fraternity in bomb blasts and the integrity of the country. Seeing hundreds of innocent people saying goodbye to their lives at the hands of terrorists. That night and for nearly 60 hours after that, the world watched how a modest country like Pakistan, in the name of hating India, attacked an important city like Mumbai with its army and terrorists, and such an obscene dance of savagery. Seeing this, even stone hearted people cried after melting. Mumbai Diaries 26/11, the web series directed by Nikkhil Advani and Nikhil Gonsalves, brings to you a bloody tale born out of this terror attack, in which small pleasures bloom at the foot of a mountain of sorrows. It will be counted as the best written and directed web series of this year. If you leave some places, then this web series is very similar to real life.

The 26/11 terror attacks have painted lakhs of pages, lost a chief minister’s job, the home minister faced severe criticism and resigned and at least half a dozen documentaries and films. And so many web series have also been made. It started with Ram Gopal Varma’s film “The Attack of 26/11”, while doing research work, along with the then Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh, he was also taking stock of the attack sites. Films like Hotel Mumbai, One Less God, Taj Mahal, as well as documentaries like Surviving Mumbai, Operation Black Tornado and web series like The State of Siege explained the planning of the attack, the politics behind the attack and the scenes of the attack very well. Has shown. Amazon Prime Video’s web series Mumbai Diaries 26/11 depicts a different form of this attack.

All the people who were falling prey to bullets in the Mumbai attack were being brought to Cama Hospital (Fort Area) in Mumbai. Originally this hospital was built for children and women. The condition of this hospital started in 1886 was similar to that of a government hospital. Those injured in the attack were being brought to this hospital. In the web series, how doctors, battling with their personal lives, try to treat all these injured with minimum facilities and equipment., It has been shown. When Ajmal Kasab and his accomplice Abu Ismail killed ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, Inspector Kamte, encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar and their accomplices by firing bullets at them, they were all brought to Cama Hospital. After this, the car of Abu and Ajmal was surrounded with the help of police barricading. Abu was killed in the encounter and Ajmal Kasab was captured. Both of them were also brought to Cama Hospital.

New writers like Yash Chhetija, Anoushka Mehrotra and Nikkhil Advani’s old teammates Nikhil Gonsalves and Sanyukta Chawla Shaikh have combined to take the premise of the original story some changes. The information about what happened in the terrorist attack inside Cama Hospital was never fully revealed, but in this web series, aspects like the way the hospital works, the bottlenecks, lack of staff and equipment were shown very well. Is. Since the web series is made on those working in the hospital, the terrorist attack does not serve to swallow the story but to give direction. The writers’ circle should be thanked for writing a balanced screen play.

Seeing the way Mohit Raina has acted in the role of Dr. Kaushik Oberoi, it seems that he needs a good role and a good director. Throughout the series, he has played the role of a dutiful doctor who does not depend on protocol to treat. His inability to save the ATS Chief does not stop him from treating the captured terrorist while other ATS officers turn against him for his actions, gunshots are fired at him and the media tries to make him a villain. Gets applied. Shreya Dhanwantri is once again in the role of a stormy journalist and when she sees the consequences of her reporting for the first time, the self-inflicted expressions on her face give new heights to her character.

Konkona Sen Sharma’s role is relatively minor but troubled by a violent husband, how Konkona keeps fighting with her suppressed personality for the patients, only Konkona could do. Prakash Belavadi is amazing in the role of the chief of the hospital. On the very first day of joining duty in the hospital, three trainee doctors, fighting such a big accident and fighting the hardships of their lives – Mrinmayi Deshpande (small town scheduled caste girl who is made to realize her caste at every step), Natasha Bhardwaj (The doctor daughter of her successful cancer surgeon father, who has returned from America after studying her father’s ambition and keeps on taking depression medicines) and Satyajit Dubey (who is living with the tag of being a Muslim and as a good person Keep trying to prove yourself. When Tina Desai (wife of Dr Kaushik and guest relations manager of the hotel) tries not to risk her life to rescue the guests trapped in the hotel, the depression of her broken relationship with her husband and untimely abortion is heavy in her mind. Is. What a great performance by Sandesh Kulkarni in the role of ACP Mahesh Tawde. Special care has been taken of a very fine thing in this series. No personal story of any policeman has been shown, only the focus has been kept on the relationship between doctors and hospital staff.

Its background music also has a big hand in the success of the web series. The music is by Ashutosh Pathak who is one of the most successful musicians in the independent music industry. Ashutosh is also the brain behind Javed Jaffrey’s very popular song ‘Mumbhai’. Cinematographer Kaushal Shah, who suddenly came into the limelight with the cinematography of Netflix’s series Jamtara, has operated the camera efficiently. His camera has been very effective in emotional scenes. Director Milap Zaveri’s brother Mahir Zaveri has taken over the command of editing. The master is really expert. Not a single moment is boring. Events are not dragged on for long. The back story of none of the characters has been told enough to distract attention from the original story of the medical drama. Mumbai Diaries win is Nikkhil Advani’s. of authors. Actors and Kavish Sinha. Kavish has done the casting. There is not a single actor who doesn’t fit except Pushkar who is playing the role of ward boy. The work of every department in this web series is worth watching. It should be seen. Some scenes can be distracting. Some may cry. There is a tension throughout the series and the directors have not made the mistake of filling it with humor. This is rarely seen.

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