Mouth ulcers: Get rid of mouth ulcers in a pinch with these home remedies

Mouth ulcers: Due to the ulcers in the mouth, it becomes difficult for us to drink food. In such a situation, there is a prick in the mouth even after eating a little something. Therefore, you can get rid of this problem with some home remedies.

A person has to face a lot of trouble if there is a blister in the mouth. Sometimes this problem increases so much that even drinking your food becomes difficult. The burning of the blister bothers you when you eat a little something. If you are also facing this problem. So start this home remedy immediately. With this, you will get rid of mouth ulcers in a pinch.

Due to constipation and heat in the stomach, there is a problem of blisters in the mouth. Sometimes the blisters become so much that even if a person drinks food, it becomes very difficult to speak even a distant thing. In such a situation, you have to take these measures to remove the ulcers of the tongue and mouth.

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Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is rich in nutrients. Therefore, you should apply aloe vera gel on the area of ​​the blister. You get the benefit even after rinsing with it.

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coconut oil –

Coconut oil is rich in antibacterial and antifungal elements. In case of blisters, apply coconut oil on the area of ​​the blister and massage it with a light hand. This will give relief in ulcers.

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Use salt water

You can gargle with salt water to get relief from the pain and reduce the ulcers. This will also give relief in the pain of tongue and mouth ulcers.

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You can use honey to get rid of the problem of blisters. Honey has natural antibacterial. You can apply honey on the area of ​​the blister or drink lukewarm water of honey. This will give relief in mouth and tongue ulcers.

Muleti –

Liquorice is like a herb. Which is also used to get rid of cough. By using liquorice, you will also get relief in blisters.

Consumption of guava –

The consumption of guava is beneficial for health. The use of guava leaves provides relief from ulcers. Take soft leaves of guava and chew it in the mouth for a while, it will give relief in ulcers.

Consume copra

If you have blisters in the mouth, you should chew coconut ie copra and eat it. This will give relief in the blister very soon.


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