Motorola’s Great Air Technology! Whether the phone is in hand or in the room, it will be charged anywhere

Motorola has offered air-to-air charging technology. The Motorola brand has shared a video on Weibo, which shows about the new technology. Motorola claimed that this air charging can be used up to a distance of 100cm and two devices can be charged simultaneously at the same time. For information, let us know that Xiaomi has also brought exactly the same technology. So let us tell you today about Motorola’s upcoming air charging technology. Motorola is offering the world’s first air charging solution.

The Motorola brand has posted a video on the Weibo handle which describes the air-to-air charging solution. The 48-second video shows how two Motorola phones can be charged using an air charging solution. In the video, the device’s name has been described as Motorola Hyper. The video shows a black colored device, which is used to send electric current through air from one place to another.

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The video shows a person who is shown just a short distance away from the charger. Then he showed two Motorola smartphones. The video has two stands that are placed at a distance of 80cm and 100cm, then the person holds the phone at a distance of 100cm and starts charging automatically. Then another phone is placed and that too starts charging.

After this, it was shown that if the person puts his hand on the black device then the charging stops. The company says that the current technology relies on Qi wireless charging, although there is no complete information about this. This technology looks very promising in the video. Motorola has also claimed that this upcoming technology will be available in future with Motorola’s smartphone.


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