Mother of 8 children got addicted to feeding children, wants to be pregnant many times without husband

For a woman, the feeling of becoming a mother is very beautiful. During 9 months of pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes. Due to the change in hormones, the woman suffers a lot mentally. Along with this comes physical changes as well. However, when the child comes in her lap, the woman forgets the trouble of the saree. But just think, what if a woman gets addicted to being pregnant? A woman living in Birmingham, UK, who has no source of income, wants to have more children after becoming the mother of eight children. He told that it feels great to have and raise those children. Most importantly, she is the single mother of these eight children.

Mary lives in a 4 bedroom house with her 8 kids

A mother of eight children, she lives on my government allowance. He doesn’t have any job. In such a situation, she takes care of herself and her eight children on the allowance received from the government. She told that she knows that people consider her useless. But she enjoys having children. First 9 months of pregnancy, then after giving birth to the baby, she likes to feed. Because of this, she wants to have more children now. Let me tell you that in 2016, I have appeared in a documentary of TV channel named Channel 4. From that time on, Mary came to be known as Octomom. Now some part of this clip is going viral again.

woman addicted of pregnancy

Takes 31 lakh rupees allowance every year from the government

8 children not full of mind
Mary revealed about her pregnancy addiction that she knows that people do not like her to have children like this. But it doesn’t matter to him. He loves children and that’s the only love that matters to him. She further said that she is addicted to being pregnant. She loves labor pain and then feeding the children. Right now she is loving her youngest daughter Olivia a lot. I find it very relaxing to caress him, feed him and change his diaper.

woman addicted of pregnancy

Mary loves to feed the babies

children growing up at government expense
I have been in discussions ever since I shared with people about childbearing addiction. I have no means of earning money. She takes care of herself and the children on the allowance received from the surf government. Every year he gets Rs 31 lakh in allowance. Even after this, she came under the target of many people by talking about having more children. Some advised him to start raising the children of others. He told that some people advise him to do the work of Aaya so that he can also get some money. But she enjoys raising her own children. At the same time, many people called her the goddess of Mamta. People wrote in support of Mary that taking care of 8 children is no less a big deal.

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